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Historical Paths of Glory

Designer's Note:

Paths of Glory was designed to allow players to explore a broad range of strategies. As a result, while it is certainly possible that a game of PoG will follow the broad outlines of WWI as it happened, it is also possible it will go off in quite different directions. In part that is because certain events that happened during the war (the entry of the US and the Bolshevik Revolution) were inherently improbable. And in part because I chose not to clutter the design with the sort of historical restrictions I used in The Great War in Europe (dealing with Italy for example).

Most gamers are happy with PoG as is, but some feel that a game that fails to regularly produce Yanks on the western front or the Bolsheviks in Petrograd, or that is decided in Italy, is lacking as a simulation of the Great War. For those gamers, or those who simply want another PoG scenario, I present Historical PoG.