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From colonial times to the present, Manifest Destiny reflects the history of American progress. As a player you nurture a mercantile empire from humble beginnings in Louisanna, Mexico, Pennsylvania, Quebec, or Virginia and expand it over time. You try to amass 30 victory points by purchasing Progressions, researching breakthroughs, and controlling cities.

You attempt to improve your holdings by using Progress cards, which reflect famous people, historical events, or product pay-outs, and the more powerful Destiny cards, only one of which may be played each turn. Your base cash each turn is reflected by your profit, which rises as you expand into new territories, and falls as you lose established ones. Cash is used to buy Progressions in five categories (Transportation, Telecommunications, Government, Culture, and Leisure) that provide you with additional powers during the game, as well as to buy tokens. Tokens are used both to expand territorial holdings as well as to buy Pioneers (which enable you to research unique Breakthroughs), cities, and additional cards.

Manifest Destiny makes American history come alive as a multi-player, interactive strategy game that is enjoyable for all members of the family, from 12 years old and up. You have the opportunity to both collaborate and compete over time in an ever changing world. If you respond best to these many opportunities, you will fulfill your Manifest Destiny.

Game Components

MAP One 22"x34" full color map 
CARDS One deck of 64 Playing Cards
DEEDS 95 Breakthrough and Progression Deeds
  • Reference Booklet 
  • Rules Book 
  • 6 Player Aid Cards
  • 220 play money bills
  • 228 assorted wooden blocks
  • 5 turn sequence and product payout cards
  • 5 player mats
  • 5 six-sided dice 

Game Features


3-4 hours

AGE  12+ 

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