KASSERINE Rules Summary

3.23 ZOCs do not extend into or across prohibited terrain.
3.32 Stacking is max of 9 stacking points at the end of any phase.
3.42b Lead unit always takes first step loss. Exception: AA or Tiger or Minefield defending and a shaded box result, then first step loss must be attacking armor (and if no step loss is called for on a shaded box result, one armor step must still be lost).
3.53 When halving supporting artillery, do so individually (rounding down). Other ground units are totaled, then halved.
3.61 HQís have only 1 Step; their back side shows that theyíve spent their Command Points.
3.73 In addition to changed movement costs (see TEC), Rain prevents motorized units from crossing a Wadi (except at Bridge), Supply Line reduced from 7 to 5 hexes, & Trails are ignored.
3.74 A Cloudy turn after Rain is considered Lingering Mud - continue to use Rain effects, except Roads and Trails are considered Dry. A Dry Turn after Rain is Dry, not Mud.
3.95 Disrupted markers are removed during Reorganization if not in ZOC; if in ZOC, ER check is made for each unit.
5.12 If unit is judged in supply during the Supply phase, it is in supply the entire turn. If unable to trace supply path, go to Emergency Supply, or then go to Out of Supply.
5.22 Trails may not be part of a Supply Road (but may be used as part of the Supply Line leading to a Supply Road). A Supply Road must lead back to a friendly supply source.
5.23 Cannot trace Supply Line across mountains (except via roads), across escarpment, across Wadi during Rain/Mud, or enemy ZOC (unless hex friendly occupied), minefield, or strongpoint.
6.15 Only the following units may voluntarily move out of supply: All Germans, any recon, any armored car, and non-motorized, or any units already out of supply.
6.21a Costs +1 MP to enter ZOC, even if friendly occupied. No MP cost to exit a ZOC.
6.22a Red Box units may move to another ZOC by paying terrain cost + 1 MP, and can continue moving, even into another ZOC if they have the MPís. Orange Circle and non-motorized units may move from one ZOC to another by expending their entire MA.
6.22b During movement only Red Box units may move from one ZOC to another; others may not.
6.34 The terrain cost for Woods is in addition to the cost of other terrain, except via road/trail.
6.35a Bridges are assumed where a Road (but not a Trial) cross a Wadi.
6.42 During Rain, Trails are ignored.
6.5 Orange Circle units are motorized, but are not eligible for Reaction or Motorized moves, they cannot perform Overruns, and cannot advance after combat.
6.6 Overrun occurs during movement, either regular Move phase or Motorized Move phase. Only undisrupted Red Box units whom are not out of supply and begin stacked can Overrun.
6.62 No Overrun in Rain, and only into Clear (including Wood and Village) or Rough hex. Cannot Overrun Strongpoint or Minefield hex.
6.63 Costs + 2 MP to Overrun, plus terrain hex/hexside costs of target hex. May use Road.
6.64 All Overruns use the Mobile CRT. Overrun is not a Declared Attack, so target may not try Combat Refusal, Reaction Movement, or No Retreat options.
6.65 Overruns may be conducted at any odds level; may use Leaders and Combined Arms.
6.66 Axis player may allocate 1 CAS Air Unit to Overrun attack; Allied player may not. No Artillery Support during an Overrun, and Ground Coordination does not apply.
6.67c If target must retreat, Overrun player (not owner) moves them back 2 hexes, and the retreated stack is Disrupted (place marker).
6.67e If successful, Overrun stack may continue move and Overrun again, if it has the MPs.
6.67f If Overrun fails, Overrun stack remains in adjacent hex, move ends, and +1 Step Loss.
7.11 Individual units in a stack may attack different hexes.
7.12 Place Declared Attack markers down to denote target hexes; no other attacks allowed.
7.2 Combat Refusal may be performed by only Red Box defenders not OoS or Disrupted.
Conduct ER check for lead unit (air Interdiction and Command Points may apply drms). If pass, retreat stack 2 hexes, and attacker may advance into hex with 9 SP. If fail, combat continues. Canít retreat into vacant ZOC hex, nor may these units conduct Reaction Movement this turn.
7.3 Reaction Movement occurs after Combat Refusal. Red Box units (but not HQ) within 2 hexes of the Defender hex that pass an ER check (unit-by-unit basis) may move up to Ĺ of their MA. Allies canít do in ZOC; Germans can if in ZOC. Not if OoS or Disrupted, or tried Combat Refusal. May not move adjacent to enemy unless hex is occupied by a friendly unit. (does not pay +1 MP, but ends the move when entering ZOC). Otherwise, can move anywhere.
7.4 No Retreat Declaration available if Defender has at least 2 Steps, is in a Strongpoint or Minefield, and the lead units passes an ER check (place No Retreat marker down). +1 drm.
8.15 Attacking is voluntary if in ZOC, but if Declared Attack marker down, must attack.
8.25 A unit may not directly attack across a hexside that it is prohibited from crossing.
8.31 Each player selects a lead unit, which makes the ER checks and usually takes 1st loss.
8.32 Assault CRT must be used during Rain/Mud, or for any combat involving a Strongpoint or Minefield, town, hill, mountain, or across escarpment hexside. Mobile CRT may be chosen if Assault CRT is not mandatory and at least one attacking unit is armored (Red Box). Note that Mobile CRT is also used for all Overruns.
8.41 Likewise, each player selects an eligible artillery within its range to be lead artillery unit. Drms (see chart) apply to ER Coordination check. Results apply to all artillery units committed to that combat. Important note: one artillery in the Defender hex is always coordinated. ER pass and full strength. Fail, Ĺ strength. Roll a 10, and no artillery strength applies. Regardless of outcome, all participating artillery units are flipped to their Ďfiredí side.
8.42 Lead Ground attacking unit also makes ER Coordination check; fails, 2 column shift left. Note that the lead Defender ground unit never makes this check.
8.43 Prior to artillery Coordination ER check, players allocate CAS. Then after Ground Coordination check, roll for CAS Coordination via lead plane; if fails, no air units contribute.
8.54 CAB if attacker has armor, and motorized/armored infantry or motorcycle or recon (not armored car), and the Defender has no armor/anti-tank/heavy AA in his hex. +1 column shift.
8.61f Remember that the ER of lead units also factors into a drm for each combat.
8.62 Maximum final drms are +/- 3; disregard beyond that limit.
8.72 Shaded Box results (mandating an attacking Red AS step loss, even if not lead unit) only apply if the Defender has Red Defense Strength (not just Red Box) and/or a +1/+2 Minefield is present. Even if no loss is called for, the attacker must still lose 1 Step of attacking Red AS.
8.76 If no Defender loss is called for, but a No Retreat is in effect, Defender still loses 1 Step.
8.77 Important: if one side has fewer steps to lose than mandated by the CRT, other side has its losses reduced by one.
8.8 Mobile CRT retreats are always 2 hexes. Assault CRT retreats are 1 or 2 hexes, retreating playerís choice. If unable to retreat, unit is eliminated. Must retreat in supply, if possible.
8.86 Orange Circle units canít retreat through a vacant ZOC hex. No unit may end a retreat in a ZOC, unless the hex is occupied by a friendly unit.
8.87 No Retreat option (Strongpoint or Minefield only, 2 Defending Steps available, ER check passed) costs an additional 1 Step loss to the Defender (from lead unit, if possible, or highest ER unit after that). If last defender step removed under No Retreat, attacker may not advance.
8.88 Cannot retreat through one vacant ZOC unless no other paths exists. Must then retreat 2 hexes (1 hex option under Assault CRT is no longer valid). Orange Circle units canít do this procedure. Make ER (from lead unit) check afterwards; if fails, lose 1 Step. Note that if a unit is forced to retreat through 2 vacant ZOCs, it is eliminated.
8.91 Attacking units may advance 1 hex (even if Defender opted to retreat 2 hexes) if the Assault CRT was used. Mobile CRT allows a 2 hex advance (2nd hex anywhere, advancing unitís option). Disrupted units may never advance 2 hexes, however (1 hex max).
8.94 Advancing units ignore ZOCs.
8.97 Orange Circle MA units may never advance (except adjacent armored artillery).
9.13d Artillery that is OoS or Disrupted may not contribute its Support Strength to battle.
9.14 An artillery unitís Support Strength may not be split amongst different hexes.
9.24 When artillery is stacked with other units that are target of Declared Attack, it must use its Support Strength to that hex, and nowhere else. Defending alone, artillery uses its DS.
9.26 If the enemy moves adjacent to supporting artillery before the combat is resolved, the artillery may not fire, and is flipped to its Ďfiredí side.
9.3 Artillery Support may never exceed AS or DS in the hex.
9.42 Recall that any anti-tank type unit nullifies the CAB column shift for attackers.
10.15 CAS air missions may only be performed within 4 hexes of a friendly HQ. Other air missions can be performed anywhere on the map.
10.33 Up to 4 air units may be go to the Interdiction Box. Each makes an ER check. Pass, flip to Interdiction side and remains in box for use; fail, immediately placed in Flown box.
10.36 Interdiction may effect Supply (3 planes max - see table) of enemy, or add a +1 drm to an enemy Combat Refusal or Reaction Movement die roll.
10.38 For Interdiction, flying player chooses which enemy Red Box or Artillery units go OoS (depending on roll), or target player may pick 2 units for each result (indicating priority supply).
10.44 CAS makes ER check via lead plane; if fail, no drms and planes go to the Flown box.
10.47 If only French units attacking or defending, Allied player may not allocate CAS.
10.54 Air Strikes make ER check via lead plane; fail, only half strength (10 means none).
10.56 Air Strike Disruptions made by flying player; losses selected by target player.
11.12 Cost +1 MP to enter enemy Strongpoint, in addition to terrain. Does block supply.
11.15 Strongpoints are removed during Reorganization phase if enemy occupies, or voluntarily.
11.2 Strongpoints built (during Engineering phase) in any in-supply hex (in ZOC OK) by undisrupted inf/motorcyle/motor inf/armored inf/mountain inf. Starts Ďunder constructioní, and building unit canít move next game turn. Flip to completed side next Engineering phase.
11.31 Enemy Minefields block supply. +2 MP to enter enemy Minefield for non-motorized units, which may continue moving. Red Box and Orange Circle units must stop.
11.42 Minefields likewise built during Engineering Phase (max 1 per hex). Unlike Strongpoints, players may not voluntarily destroy their Minefields to build them somewhere else. When a Minefield is destroyed, it is permanently removed from the game.
11.43 If building hex not in ZOC, no friendly unit required. If in ZOC, friendly unit must be in hex. Either way, hex must be in-supply. All Axis Mines are +1 drm; Allied Mines are unknown.
11.45 Note that an Untried Allied Minefield still adds +1drm to Axis ground Coord ER checks.
11.46 Minefields are only destroyed during the Engineering phase when enemy occupied.
12.11 HQís prime function is to effect ER rolls via expenditure of Command Points.
12.12 HQís with Red Box MAs may participate in Overruns.
12.13 Units have a color band indicating to what HQ formation that they belong to. White band units, if chosen as lead units, may not receive CPís from any HQ. Any HQ can affect a CAS roll.
12.14 All HQís have a command range of 4 hexes, regardless of enemy units, ZOC, or terrain.
12.22 CPs from an HQ are all spent at one time; no splitting or saving. Flip HQ to back side.
12.23 CPs expended (Reaction Phase): Combat Refusal, Reaction Move, or No Retreat attempt. (Combat Phase) : max 1 HQ to any Declared Attack for Artillery, Ground (n/a to defense) or CAS Coordination rolls.
12.3 American Artillery Fire Nets via certain HQís which may switch between normal and Fire Net status (either direction, once per turn, at no cost). -2 drm to Coordination roll of artillery unit (same formation) in range if HQ is undisrupted.
12.42c Rommel leader cannot be eliminated (Harmon and Patton can).
13.11 Mountain units (not artillery) get a +2 ER when attacking a mountain hex.
13.12 Unlike other units, Mountain troops can continue moving after entering a mountain hex.
13.2 When Tigers defend, similar to shaded box result, attacker must lose 1 armor step.
13.22 After the first Rain turn, Tigers may never leave road hexes; if so, they are eliminated.
13.32 When mixed Allied nationalities attack (not defend), +1 drm to Combat roll.
14.11 Allied player may delay reinforcements to enter at other areas (see set up cards).
14.28 Reinforcements may not enter the map where enemy units have already exited through.
14.32 Axis units may only exit via Allied entry points; Allied exit via only 7004/7005 (15.25e).
14.42 A unitís status does not affect Withdrawal or reappearance (even if previously KIA).