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As Rommels veteran Panzerarmee withdrew into Tunisia from Libya during 1943, Axis command thought it had a realistic chance to reverse their fortunes in Africa by skillful counter-offensive. On Valentine's Day, the most dangerous of these began. As the Axis player, put on Rommel's goggles and guide your mobile and highly efficient German troops to a major victory that could change the war. As the Allied player, take up your binoculars and assemble your powerful, yet fragile, allied army of Americans, British, and French to decisively defeat the "Desert Fox." You command the tanks, artillery, infantry, and aircraft that decided this fateful battle.

Kasserine features the best existing detailed Order of Battle developed from extensive research by an international team. Game units include commandos, engineers, HQs, motorcycle troops, a wide variety of tanks including Tiger tanks, the dreaded Geman 88mm flak guns, and a variety of aircraft. Experienced players will find most game mechanics to be familiar and the newcomer will find help from the many examples of play. Featured items include ranged artillery and artillery fire nets, combat coordination, defender reaction and counter-attack, and minefields. All units are also rated for efficiency.

Game Components

COUNTERS 420 full-color, die-cut counters.
MAP One 22x34" full-color mapsheet
  • One 10-sided die
  • 32-page Rule and Scenario Book
  • 2 11x17" Player Aid Cards
  • 3 8.5x11" Player Aid Cards
  • 5 8.5x11" Set-Up Cards

Game Scenarios

Faid Pass
30 January to 1 February, 6 turns, centered on the Faid Pass quadrant. The French are the first victims of the rebuilt German 21st Panzer Division in this dress rehearsal of the Kasserine campaign. Can the U.S. armored group race to rescue them in time?
Kasserine Campaign
14 to 23 February, 20 turns, full map. This full scenario begins with the tank battles at Sidi bou Zid and Sbeitla, includes action at Kasserine Pass, and could move to the final battles at Thala and Djebl Hamra if the Axis player pursues the historical routes of advance. Of course, the Axis could be taking off a different road to victory with the uncertain victory conditions. Can the Allied player stop the Axis?
The Axis Decide
19 to 23 February, 10 turns, full map. The preliminaries are over and Rommel makes ready for his final drive for victory, but which road will he follow?
21 to 23 February, 6 turns, the western half of the map. This was the last Axis throw of the dice against weakened but determined Allied resistance. Without victory here the Axis will eventually face defeat in Africa. Can the Axis player break through one more time for the victory?
Red Bull at Fondouk Pass
27 to 29 March, 5 turns, centered on the Fondouk Pass area. Kasserine is over and the Axis hope to prevent an Allied breakthrough to the coast. If the Allies achieve this, they would shorten the war in Africa by a month. Unfortunately, the U.S. 34th Red Bull Division is not up to the task. Can you, as the Allied player, make the breakthrough despite the odds?
Second Battle of Fondouk
8 to 9 April, 4 turns, centered on the Fondouk Pass area. The U.S. 34th Division failed in Scenario #5, but they try again and this time are heavily reinforced. Time pressure is a factor as little time is left to trap the Axis troops retreating from southern Tunisia.
TIME SCALE Half day per turn
MAP SCALE 2 miles per hex
UNIT SCALE Battalion & Company

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