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Invasion: Sicily Errata and Clarifications

as of 21 July 1999
New items in blue.

  • Allied Set-Up Card, side one, Gela Beach Scenario. The counter shown as the 36th Artillery Regiment should be the 36th Engineer Regiment.
  • Terrain Effects Chart (on map): Line reading Non-Road Alpine hex should read Total Alpine terrain hex.
  • All British armored battalions and paired armored artillery regiments do have red motorized boxes, but the boxes do not stand out well.
  • 1/1FJ regiment and 185 Nembo regiment should have the black dot in the upper right hand corner for Scenario 3 & 4 set-up only.
  • Rule Book:
    • Page 2, para 3.4.4, 3d line: change ref [6.1] to [ 5.3.2d]
    • Page 8, para 8.3.3, 2d line: delete the words " adjacent to an enemy unit or."
    • Page 9, para 9.4.I.b.3, 3d line: change ref [9.2.3] to [9.3.2].
    • Page 12, para 10.1.4.b, 1st line: change Disrupted to Out of Supply.
    • Page 12, para 10.1.6.c: Delete the first sentence of this paragraph. Revise the second sentence to read "Defender artillery not in the defender hex cannot provide support during the Combat Phase if it is in an enemy ZOC."
    • Page 18, para 15.1.3, 2d line: Change Engineering Phase to Replacement Phase.
    • Page 19, para 15.2.2.c, 1st line: Change Engineering Phase to Replacement Phase.
  • Play Book:
    • Page 3, para 4.5.7, 3d line: change [12.6.3] to [11.4].
    • Page 3, para 4.5.8, 3d line: delete [12.6.b and? (leaves only [15.1.2c] as reference).
    • Page 7, 2d column, explanation of unit ID abbreviations: "Reggio," 3d line, the Tiger abbreviation and explanation was merged into the end of the Reggio explanation.
    • Page 10, right hand column: the die roll for the parachute drop is 7 instead of eight, and is modified to 10 instead of 11.
    • Page 13, left hand column, 4th line from the top: change D2R to A2R.
    • Page 13, left hand column, Axis Movement Phase, 4th para, 2d line: insert 2023 after the word "hex."
    • Page 13, left hand column, Axis placement of Declared Attack markers, para 2 should now read: hexes 2023, 2025 and 2124 with arrows pointing toward 2024.
    • Page 14, left hand column, bottom line: change 1824 to 1924.
    • Last Page, Sequence of Events, right hand column, para C.4. add: ? and Allied Counterattack, except no Allied units are doubled.