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Invasion: Sicily
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Invasion: Sicily is a non-series game depicting the Allied invasion of Sicily in 1943.

Step into the shoes of Patton and Montgomery to lead Allied forces into Sicily in the largest Allied amphibious invasion of WWII. Choose among five historical invasion Plans, from historical to go-for-broke; invade the Italian mainland at Calabria, or even make several invasions. Only limited Axis forces oppose you but be careful. You face mobile and highly efficient German troops in some of the finest defensive terrain in Europe, and they might instead try to throw you back into the sea. The Germans successfully defended Sicily for six weeks in the face of overwhelming Allied superiority and evaded the Allied trap; can you do better?

This game features a detailed Order of Battle developed from extensive research showing paratroops for both sides, optional units that could have been present, Allied commandos, Tiger tanks, engineers, and sea and air forces. Even the Fall of Mussolini matters. Game mechanics feature amphibious invasion, uncertain units, ranged artillery, combat coordination, and defender reaction and counter-attack. And all units are rated for efficiency.

Game Components

240 full-color die-cut counters.
One 22x34" full-color mapsheet showing all of Sicily and the Calabria region.
  • 19-page Rule Book
  • 15-page Play Book including a Tutorial scenario replay
  • Player Aid Cards: Axis set-up card, Allied set-up card, Charts and Tables card (Charts and Tables are included on the map!)

Game Features

Scenario #1: Gela Beachhead, 10-14 July 1943, 2 Turns
Consists of the immediate Gela beachhead area. As Patton steps ashore he must take care to capture specified towns and airfields as objectives. Intended as introductory.
Scenario #2: Operation Husky, 10 July - 17 August, 14 Turns
Uses only the Sicily portion of the map. This is the historical campaign. While most Axis units set up historically, others will set up inverted. Allied units invade historically. Both sides face historical limitations on use of units but both still have choices.
Scenario #3: Campaign for Sicily, 10 July - 17 August, 14 Turns
Uses the full map. Play begins with the invasion of Sicily, but the Allies have a choice of invasion plans. Once the Allies choose (secretly), the Axis player can re-deploy units to cover vulnerable areas.
Scenario #4:
This wide open scenario is much like Scenario #3, but now the Allies can choose to invade Calabria first, Sicily second. Both sides have access to optional reinforcements and there is more Axis re-deployment. Play can see wild swings.
TIME SCALE 3 days per turn
MAP SCALE 5.5 miles per hex
UNIT SCALE Regiment and Battalion

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