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22 November 1996


Norwegian Mobilization Display should indicate that Bardufoss is located in hex 0203, and that Vist is in hex 2817.

The 1st Mountain Artillery Battalion (Evje) and 1st Battalion, 10th Infantry Regiment (Voss) should not be outlined in orange on the Norwegian Mobilization Display. These units are not set up on the map at the beginning of play.

The Leaders Box on the Norwegian Mobilization Display should refer to rules section 13.4.1 instead of 12.4.

The text printed in hexes 0201-0301-0401 should read FINNMARK AIRBASE = 10.

The airbase symbol in hex 0203 (Bardufoss) should be red.

A highway was omitted from the following hexes: 4820-4721-4621.

A road was omitted from the following hexes: 3519-3520-3419-3320-3321.

The ferry symbol linking hexes 3245 to 3526 was omitted.

The following hexsides are blocked: 4328/4428 and 5130/5131.

Ignore Swedish Port Capacities. Neither side may use these ports for any purpose.

The airbase in hex 4719 should be spelled Kjeller.

Hex 2717 (Steinkjer): The light yellow Mobilization Center Box was not printed around the number 13.

Hex 3019 (Trondheim): The A3 mobilization symbol and light yellow box for the 3d Artillery Regt was omitted. Also, treat the hex as Forest terrain.

The Central/Southern Weather Zone Line running halfway across the lower left-hand corner of the map is in the wrong place. It actually runs as follows:
a) From the west map edge go east along the boundary between the Norwegian Leads and Jutland sea zones until you reach the Norwegian coast.
b) Continue along the southern and western edges of hexes 5430, 5530 and 5630 through 5628 in such a way that these form the southernmost hexes in the Central Weather Zone.
c) At hexside 5628/5627 turn north and run the line up the entire length of the boundary between the Hordaland and Akershus land zones.
d) Turn eastward and extend the line to the east map edge along the boundary between the Trondelag and Akershus zones.

The Oscarborg Coast Defense Battery (hex 4921) should have a red Naval Attack Factor. The battery is torpedo capable.

The Printed German NDV in the Norwegian Leads Zone should be 3 instead of 5.


The boundary between the Southern and Central Weather Zones runs around the northern tip of the Scotland Zone (following the coastline) instead of running straight through the zone.

CLARIFICATION: The Scotland and Scapa Flow zones do border directly on one another. Thus is costs an air unit just one Strategic Air Point to fly from one zone to the other.

CLARIFICATION: Naval units based in the Eastern Scotland sub-zone may only enter the North Sea Zone, while those based in the Western Scotland sub-zone may only enter the Northern Approaches Sea Zone. Since there is no port located in the Northern Scotland sub-zone, no naval units may ever be based there.

The printed German NDV in the Norwegian Leads Zone should be 3 instead of 5.

CLARIFICATION: The label prohibiting Allied naval units from entering the Kattegat Sea Zone does not apply to Norwegian units. They may freely enter (at their own risk) at any time during the game.

The borders between England and Scotland and between Germany and Denmark should be solid white lines instead of the dotted lines used for sub-zones. Each country represents a different land zone.

The airbase symbol in hex 0203 (Bardufoss) should be printed in red.

HORDLAND is misspelled. It should be HORDALAND.


KRISTIANSAND (hex 5627) is erroneously described as city terrain throughout the Quickstart narrative. It is actually a town. Make adjustments accordingly to combat calculations.

CHANGE: Page 8, para 6a and page 16, 1st column -References in both places which read Northern North Sea Zone should read Northern Norwegian Sea Zone instead.

CHANGE: Page 9, para 6e -- the 5 British APs end their movement in the Shetland Sea Zone, not the Western Norwegian Sea. They really can't expend 3 Naval Movement Points when they have only two -- sorry; we goofed.

CHANGE: Page 11, 3d column -- "Troop Bombing Factor" should read "Air Support Factor."

CHANGE: Page 16, 1st column -- The Haugesund Bn should be placed on hex 4731 (Etne) instead of on hex 4629.

CLARIFICATION: Page 13, 1st column -- The description of the Amphibious Assault upon Frederikstad is correct in saying that there is no coast artillery combat even though there is a Coast Artillery Battery in hex 5121. To trigger coast artillery fire, a naval unit must pass through the battery hex or any partial-sea/fjord hex adjacent to it (para 9.0.1). In this case, the German force enters, but does not pass through hex 5120 (Frederikstad).

OMISSION: Page 15, para G -- L/15 Norwegian Bn was omitted from the list of mobilizing units. Place this unit within two hexes of hex 0505 (Elvegaardsmoen).


1.4.3 VERY IMPORTANT CHANGE: Page 4, Illustration of Ju-88a Bomber counter -- the lower left-hand value of 4 is the Air Support Factor. The lower right hand value of 1 is the Air-Naval Bombing Factor. The labels were reversed. It makes a great deal of difference in play!

5.1.4 ADD: Insert this sentence immediately after the first sentence of this rule -- "A Frozen Lake Airbase marker may only be placed in a hex that contains a piece of Lake terrain symbol (no matter how small). As examples, Frozen Lake Airbases could be established in hexes 3522, 3823 and 5229.

5.2.1 ADD: The following exception to this rule:

Exception: On the Invasion Turn (only), Norwegian naval units that are present in a port when it comes under German control as a result of Airborne or Air Transport Assault are not automatically moved out to sea, but instead must make Surrender Checks (see 17.2.6).

7.9 ADD: The following Rules Section:

7.9 Transfer Missions

During a friendly Air Mission Phase, air units may transfer from one friendly-controlled airbase without flying a Bombing, Air Transport, Air Assault or Air Combat mission. The air unit(s) simply fly to the new base using normal or Double Range air movement exactly as in any other mission. ASPs must be expended normally for any units beginning movement on the Operational map, and they may be detected and intercepted normally.

8.5.1 CLARIFICATION: The exception in this rule which permits naval units to unload cargo in an unoccupied enemy port (or one that's occupied solely by trucks and/or SPs) does not invalidate the provision of 17.2.1 which prohibits German APs and Tankers from entering Norwegian ports during the German Naval Movement Phase of the Invasion Turn. As explained in 17.2.1, German non-combat vessels may only enter Norwegian ports during the Repair Segment of the Invasion Turn.

13.3 ADD: The following note at the end of the first paragraph in this section:

Note: Neither the attacking or defending player is obligated to expend SPs. One or both sides could choose to expend no SPs even when there are friendly SPs in range. If expending SPs, the attacker announces the number to be expended when he organizes the attack. The defender then announces whether or not he is expending one SP.

13.3.7 ADD: The following sentence at the end of the first paragraph in this section: An SP is fully expended even if it is used to supply only one defensive combat (i.e. the other "half" of the SP is lost; it's all or nothing).

15.1.1 CLARIFICATION: Dombaas cannot be captured by the German Player on the Invasion Turn because the hex does not contain a port, airfield or friendly German unit. There is no way to occupy the hex from the sea or air.

17.2.6 ADD: The following paragraph to this rule: A Surrender Check must also be conducted for each Norwegian naval unit that is present in a port at the instant which it comes under German control as a result of Parachute or Air Transport Assault. In this case, however, the unit being rolled for surrenders on a result of 6 -- 9. On a result of 5 or less, the naval unit is immediately shifted to any other friendly controlled port within a five hex range.

18.3 RENUMBER: This entire section should be renumbered as 18.2 (there is no missing section 18.2)

18.3 (18.2) Change the last turn of the Weseruebung Scenario from April#10 to June#3.

18.3 (18.2) Add this sentence to the end of the first para: "The VP Total is +80 at the beginning of this scenario (+50 if the Historical Naval Operation Restrictions are used for this scenario).

18.3.2 (18.2.2) CHANGE: The entries for the Allied Naval Groups in the Arctic Circle Sea Zone to read as follows: 13th DBLE, 14th AT Co, and 342d Tank Co, embarked on 6 French AP points and escorted by one DD point. Polish (BPCP) Bde embarked on 6 AP points and one DD point. Four SPs and four ASPs embarked on 5 AP points and escorted by one French DD point.