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Clash of Giants
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Clash of Giants contains two separate games (both using the same basic system) covering the two most famous battles of the opening phase of the First World War. Tannenberg was the German victory that halted a Russian offensive into East Prussia and destroyed the Russian 2nd Army. The Marne was the climactic battle of Germany's attempt to defeat France in the war's first six weeks. Arguably a tactical draw, it was a strategic defeat for the Germans as their armies recoiled from the gates of Paris.

Designed by eight-time Charles S. Roberts award winner Ted S. Raicer (whose most recent game was GMT's Paths of Glory), and developed by Krieg designer Steve Kosakowski, the Clash of Giants system is intended to emphasize playability while still providing players with proper historical feel. The games focus on the difficulty of commanding groups of armies, with a system where movement allowance for each army is separately determined by a command roll.

Clash of Giants includes the standard and exclusive rules (including rules for Paris Taxis at the Marne and Geman wireless intercepts at Tannenberg), two full size large-hex maps, two player aid cards, and 264 large counters. Units are divisions and brigades.

Simple but not simplistic, Clash of Giants has a unique combat system based more on a unit's training, equipment, and morale than numbers. In Tannenberg, the victory conditions force both sides to take risks - and the German player will have to use every advantage to avoid being crushed by superior Russian numbers. At the Marne, the Allied player will first have to successfully disengage and rally his French and British armies, before turning to deliver a powerful counterattack. (But don't forget that the Germans can win instantly if they take Paris!)

The two battles in Clash of Giants are similar in size and complexity to GMT's Saratoga and Brandywine games on the American Revolution. Both are good for solo or competitive play. The Marne (which contains an Allied Counterattack scenario in addition to the full campaign) can be played in an afternoon. Tannenberg can be completed in a couple of hours, making it the perfect game when time is short.

Game Components

COUNTERS 264 full-color die-cut counters.
MAPS Two 22"x34" full-color mapsheets
  • One 6-sided dice
  • 8-page Rulebook
  • 12-page Battle Book
  • 2 Player Aid cards

Game Features

TIME SCALE 1-2 days per turn
MAP SCALE 4.5/3.3 miles per hex
UNIT SCALE Divisions and brigades

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