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Arctic Storm Rules Clarifications

(5.3) Event Key. ADDITION: The Soviet player gains no VPs for capturing towns in Norway or Sweden that become friendly to the Finnish player as a result of events H (Unopposed Western Intervention) or I (Opposed Western Intervention).

(6.52) CORRECTION: Replace the last sentence in the rule with the following:

"The presence of a friendly unit negates the presence of an enemy ZOC for purposes of rail movement except in the hex the unit occupies at the start of its movement. Friendly units have no effect on enemy ZOCs for rail movement purposes in the hex in which the unit starts its movement."

(9.1) Combat Procedure. CLARIFICATION. The Combat Procedure is ordered so that all attacker modifiers are applied before defender modifiers instead of the two offesetting each other and the net resulting shift being applied, as is more commonly the case in wargames. This is an intentional design element.

(9.22) CHANGE: The second bulleted item in this rule should read: Non-mountain units can attack, advance and/or retreat into or out of mountain hexes only through hexsides containing a road. Mountain units can freely attack, advance and retreat into/out of mountain hexes through any hexsides, regardless of the presence of roads.

(9.7) Combat Summary. CORRECTION: Each defending city IDS adds 1 (not 2) to the DS. The IDS of 2 for each city listed in 9.46 is correct.

(10.34) ADDITION: Soviet HQs cant advance after combat, even if they occupy the same hex with the units they are supporting.

(14.24) ADDITION: If the any or all of the units with which a Finnish leader is stacked advance/retreat during combat, the Finnish leader can advance/retreat along with the advancing/retreating combat unit(s).

(18.23) Miscellaneous Forces. CORRECTION: The Finnish 27 Infantry III sets up in hex 3208 (Kemi) per 3.0 (How to Start), not in 2208, as listed in this case.