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Hi guys!


Today's update includes two new P500 additions, updated charging and shipping info, an updated Production Outlook, and lots of other news tidbits. I hope you enjoy it.


Before we get into all that, though, I want to take a minute to say "Thank You!" 2013 has been one of our best years ever here at GMT, and I'm very aware that this success is a team and group effort. So I want to thank all of you who have helped us in any way on the creation, development, and production side of things, because without all of you designers, developers, artists, testers, and production folks, none of these games would exist. And I want to thank all of you customers who buy and enjoy our games, who take the time to give us feedback on how to make them even better, and who have supported us through good times and bad. Without your continued faith in us and ongoing support of our games, there would be no GMT Games. 


So to all of you, please accept my sincere thanks for all that you've done to help us be able to keep doing a job we love making games that bring us - and we hope many besides us - many hours of gaming enjoyment.


With the holiday season approaching, I also want to pass along, from our family to yours, our holiday greetings and our best wishes to you and yours for a happy holiday season and a joyous New Year. I hope you all get some time off to spend with family and friends, and maybe even with a few of our games. 


OK, on to the news....



The Supreme Commander Update Kit Shipping Soon


TSC CoverRight after we finish our current P500 shipments (The Dark Valley and The Hunters), we'll begin shipping update kits for The Supreme Commander.

If you bought the game directly from us, you're already on our list to get the update, so you don't need to do anything else to get it. There were a FEW people who got a copy at a convention before we stopped shipment on the game. If you are one of those folks and haven't contacted us already, please let the office ladies know that you need an update kit, and we'll ship it out to you.


I want to give a big "Thank You" to Kevin Bernatz for stepping in and helping us get this kit ready for you. With Dan deployed right now, having someone both talented and trustworthy - and that's Kevin - step up to help us was really crucial to us being able to get the problems identified and fixes made, so that you guys can play what is a very cool game without worrying about the errata. Thanks Kevin!


Once we get all the update kits out to you guys, we'll open all the games that we have in the warehouse (remember, we never shipped these to distributors or stores) and replace the original parts with the ones in the Update Kit. Then, whenever Tony is ready, we'll start shipping the games to distributors, so those of you who buy from your local store should see them start popping up in stores sometime in January.



1914 Glory's End + When Eagles Fight 


Wow! We've received about 150 additional orders for this since we combined the two games into one package last month! It's sitting now at 454 orders. If the current order trends continue, this one will be getting a production slot quickly. Thanks for your support. I personally can't wait to see these Ted Raicer classics in a GMT box.



 Mark Herman's Instructional Videos  

Mark has been creating some "Good Strategy in Empire of the Sun" videos that do a tremendous job of teaching you how to play while they are instructing you on strategy. Mark has just posted three of these videos to the GMT YouTube Channel. Just click the link below - you'll find the videos in the RECENT UPLOADS section of the page. 


GMT YouTube Channel


Thanks Mark! These are very helpful and a great way to get new players into Empire of the Sun.



That's it for the news bytes for this time. For you guys looking for an electronic games update, we are making steady progress, but I'm not going to have a full update for you until early January. Thanks for your patience.


Here's what you'll find in the rest of today's update:


- Charge and Shipping Update

- Updated Production Outlook

- New P500 Additions!


Thanks, as always, for your support of GMT!


Enjoy the games!



Charging and Shipping Schedule


Shipping: We've been shipping both The Dark Valley and The Hunters (Consim Press) since last Friday, Dec. 6. We should be finished shipping all P500 orders by end of day tomorrow, Dec. 13. 
Shortly after we finish shipping those two games, we will begin shipping the update kits for The Supreme Commander.
In the final third of the month, we'll start shipping all P500 orders for 1914, Offensive à outrance. In roughly that same timeframe, C3i #27 will ship directly from the printers. We're not certain on the exact dates yet, as the printers have control of that, but the files are in and they're telling us it won't be long.


Charging:  We will be charging for 1914, Offensive à outrance and C3i #27 starting next Monday, December 16. Please make sure your credit card info is up to date on our website by then. If you use the "Pay by Check" option for your P500s, please send your check right away, as charge to ship times are really short on these two items.
Tentative Production  Schedule


Well, sadly, the delays that hit us here and there over the past few months pushed us back into the holiday season and we just "ran out of year" to get everything that we wanted produced in 2013. The good news is, the games are still developed and ready to produce, so most of that old December schedule has just been rolled into 1st Quarter. We'll have a bit of a slowdown because some of our printers have several weeks of downtime this time of year, but once that's past us, we intend to hit the ground running with a very busy 1st half of 2014. Here's what our current Tentative Production Schedule looks like:


Shipping Now  

The Dark Valley

The Hunters (for ConSim Press) 


Late December

1914: Offensive a Outrance 

C3i Magazine Issue #27

Dominant Species Reprint (Back in Stock)


January, 2014  

February, 2014


March, 2014  


2nd Quarter, 2014 (Partial)


3rd Quarter, 2014 (Tentative)
Operation Dauntless (hold per designer request)

New P500 Additions!


We have two new P500 additions this time. One is a boxed module and another a stand-alone game that is also a prequel - both linked to two very popular games. Just click the banners or links below to go to each game's P500 page for more details and ordering info. Enjoy!


Recent P500 Additions:
Next War: India-Pakistan: 232 Orders to Date
 Clash of Giants Civil War: 348 Orders to Date
No Retreat: French & Polish: 285 Orders to Date  

  No Retreat: Italian Front: 291 Orders to Date  

Twin Peaks: 409 Orders to Date


Rising Glory: 306 Orders to Date
Eagle of Lille- 390 Orders to Date
 Hoplite- 858 Orders to Date
  Talon: - 418 Orders to Date
Fire in the Lake - 1,189 Orders to Date
Enemy Coast Ahead:  473 Orders to Date
Current P500 Focus: Games that have been on the list for a while - with 400-499 orders - that could use a push to get onto the printing schedule:  

Genesis: (489 Orders) 
Triumph & Tragedy: (449 Orders)  
Golan '73: 416 Orders)  
 Next War: Taiwan: 428 Orders

We continue to save funds from our Fall Sale and other game profits so that we can reprint a few of our out of stock games as necessary and as funds allow. We have a new reprint edition of Dominant Species in the warehouse in a week or so. That'll be the final reprint of 2014 for us.


Looking out into 2014, the games we know for certain that we'll reprint are:

Here's the current status of the games on our P500 reprint list. Please help us determine what to print by pre-ordering any of these that interest you (you can click on the name link below to go to the P500 reprint page). Thanks for your help. Here's the current P500 Reprint list - with current order totals and a +/- order growth since last month:


C&C Ancients Exp 2 & 3  - 608 Orders (+35)

Pax Romana 2nd Ed - 537 Orders (+8)

Fields of Fire - 2nd Ed. - 533 Orders (+11)

Barbarossa: AGN - 431 Orders (+8)

Great Battles of Alex Dlx. - 388 Orders (+6)

Diacochoi - 337 Orders (+2)

Cataphract - 311 Orders (+4)

Ukraine '43 - 306 Orders (+10)

Barbarossa: AGS - 287 Orders (+5)

This Accursed Civil War - 268 Orders (+14)

Brandywine - 252 Orders (-3) 

For the People - 232 Orders (+8)

Combat Commander BP#1 - 219 Orders (+23) 

Empire of the Sun - 195 Orders (+5)

Paths of Glory - 183 Orders (+17) 

Normandy '44 - 171 Orders (+12)

Conq. of Paradise w/ Mtd. Map - 134 Orders (+8) 

Successors - 128 Orders (+14)

No Retreat - 103 Orders (+23) 

Combat Commander Med  - 76 Orders (+15)  

SPQR Dlx.  - 69 Orders (+12) 

Ardennes '44 - 62 Orders (+5)
Combat Commander Europe  - 51 Orders (+17)  

CC BattlePack #2 - Stalingrad - 50 Orders (+23) 

1914: Twilight in the East  - 34 Orders (+4)
Panzer  - 31 Orders (+12)

The Spanish Civil War  - 27 Orders (+1)  


New Game Support Files, Vassal/Cyberboard, and Sneak Peeks
Here are new support files we've added to our website since our last update. Enjoy!


Game Support:


Sneak Peeks at Upcoming Products

Your Friends at GMT Games
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