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Under the Lily Banners is a tactical battle game featuring five battles from the Thirty years War. This is the third volume from the award winning Musket & Pike Battles Series detailing 17th Century warfare, often known as the Dawn of Modern Warfare. This volume features the rise of the French Army after their entry into the Thirty Years War in 1635. Two of the greatest captains of French history - Louis de Bourbon, the Grand Conde and Henri de la Tour, the vicomte de Turenne - take the field to set the stage for Le Grande Siecle - the Golden Age of France under Louis XIV, the Sun King

After taking on the English Civil War in This Accursed Civil War and the combined arms tactics of the Swedes and Imperials in Sweden Fights On, the Musket & Pike Battle Series looks at the French, Spanish, and Bavarian armies. The Spanish tercios face the superb French gendarmes. The stalwart Bavarians with their excellent cavalry and love of the entrenchment battle the veteran Weimarian cavalry corps.

The Musket & Pike Battle Series emphasizes Command and Control. Armies are divided into several wings. Each has a commander and an order that limits the types of actions that units of that wing may perfrom. Victory goes to the player that can coordinate the actions of his wings in the heat of battle. Units are infantry battalions, cavalry regiments and artillery batteries. Rules include cavalry charges, cavalry pistols for skirmishing or for close combat, and artillery grazing fire. Play is highly interactive and most battles can be played through in one sitting. The five battles in Under the Lily Banners are:

Game Components

COUNTERS 3 full-color counter sheets 
MAPS Four maps (two sheets backprinted) 
  • ULB PlayBook
  • Charts & Tables and Orders cards 
  • M&P Series Rulebook 
  • One ten-sided die

Game Features

TIME SCALE 20 minutes per turn
MAP SCALE 100 yards per hex 

Strength point = 100 men
Cavalry Regt/Sqdn = 200-500 men
Heavy Infantry Regt/Bde = 400-2000 men
Light Infantry Unit = 100-300 men
Artillery unit = 3-4 guns; or a double battery of 7 to 8 guns


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