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Hornet Leader Clarifications and Errata

Mission Log (Correction)
The modifier for "Returned Damaged" on a PILOT CHECK should be "+2", not "11+". This is stated correctly in rules section 14.51.
Mission Display(Addition)
The Load Area Restrictions for the Hornet's centerline weapons station should read "One Pod, Mk.82, Mk.83, Maverick, or HARM". (Clarification) E-Pods and N-Pods may be carried on the mid-wing weapons stations.
Counters (Clarification)
There are two sets of Hornet counters. One set ("HV" on back side) is placed directly on the Tactical Overview or Detailed Air Combat Area, and represents your Hornets in flight. The other set (#s on one side, Hornet silhouette on the other side) are your random selection chits. Place the ones with numbers corresponding to the eligible Hornets (the ones from which you are randomly selecting) and draw the chits to determine the random Hornet(s).
21. Components (Correction)
The game includes 16 Special Condition cards and 17 Mission Event cards (not 15 and 18 as listed).
7.4 and 7.5 (Clarification)
when placing Hornet sections, you place the appropriate COUNTERS (the ones with #s on the front corresponding to the appropriate Hornet Cards, and "HV" on the back side) on the Tactical Overview or the Detailed Air Combat Area.
11.3 Scoring Hits (Correction)
The fourth sentence should read "If the modified die roll is GREATER THAN OR equal to the first number...". The next to last sentence should read "If the modified die roll is GREATER THAN OR equal to the third number...". 12.4 Modifiers (Correction) The modifier for "Hornet Didn't Move" should be "+4", not "+2". This is listed correctly on the SAM Lock-On Table on the Mission Display.
14.4 (Correction)
This section should be titled "Make Carrier Sheet Adjustments".
18.1 Pilot Experience (Clarification)
Don't let the part about "diagonal slashed" and "Xs" confuse you. This is only designed to let you know how many hits a pilot scored on a mission. One slash equals one hit. Thus, "//-" shows 2 hits and "XX/" shows 5 hits.
18.2 Fatigue (Clarification)
When using the Fatigue rules, you DON'T make PILOT CHECKS. Roll a Fatigue check for each pilot instead.
19.2 Support Aircraft (Clarification)
Although the Special Condition and Mission Event Cards say that you receive the support aircraft "while at the target", they are actually with your strike force from the moment you draw the card. Thus, support aircraft received as a result of a Special Condition are placed on the Tactical Overview or Detailed Air Combat Area during the Arm Aircraft/Initial Placement Phase. Aircraft received due to a Mission Event are IMMEDIATELY placed on the Tactical Overview or Detailed Air Combat Area. In either event, they are then considered to be part of your squadron and are subject to the effects of any "random Hornet" checks in their area as well as subsequent Mission Events that might affect your squadron.
19.3 F-14 Tomcats(Addition)
When an F-14 achieves a fire position during Step 1 of air-to-air combat (long range), add +2 to the Fire Position Result roll. (This represents the fact that Tomcats carry both Phoenix (VERY long range and deadly) and Sparrow missiles for long and medium range combat. Page 20 Sequence of Play (Addition) The last item under "Attack Resolution (4 Times) should be "After 4 steps are completed, combat is finished. Proceed to Post Flight/Mission Results."
Page 20 GMT Phone # (Correction)
This is one that Gene will never live down, ESPECIALLY with his wife. It seems that during one of those late night "finish the rulebook" sessions, Gene inadvertently inserted his HOME phone number into the rulebook. About 200 phone calls later...well, you get the idea. So please, if you want to ask questions, give feedback, or order products, call the REAL GMT number (209) 583-1236. This will allow GMT to continue as a viable company, as Gene's wife will then (probably) spare his life. Alternately, you can send flowers in his memory. Thanks.