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June 6th
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After months of training and preparation, the Great Crusade begins with the landing of eight Allied infantry and parachute divisions in Normandy. Facing them on the beaches and in the hedgerows are some of the finest, and worst, formations in the German Army. Except for the near disaster on Omaha Beach, the landings go well.

Both sides begin the race to build up, and the Allies, with total command of the seas and skies, begin to pull ahead of the Germans as the month of June wears on. The Allies are under intense pressure to advance quickly, and not just for purely military reasons. Progress, however, is painfully slow. The British Second Army, scheduled to take Caen on D-Day, is held up short of that objective with heavy losses for the entire month by fanatical and skillful German resistance. The Americans face weaker opposition, and despite taking the port of Cherbourg, they become bogged down in the endless maze of hedgerows.

Can the Germans buy enough time to form more reserves and stave off disaster? Can the Allies break the stalemate earlier than they actually did and perhaps win the war sooner? Play June 6th and find out for yourself.

Game Components

COUNTERS 560 full-color, die-cut counters.
MAPS Two 22x34" full-color mapsheets
  • One 10-sided die
  • 20-page Rule Book
  • 16-page Play Book
  • Three Player Aid Cards

Game Features

  • A modified Activation Marker (AM) system which factors in the effects of weather, supply and command and control. Once the initiative player has activated a formation, the timing for activating all remaining formations becomes almost entirely random, reducing stereotypical play, while enhancing repeat and solitaire playability.
  • Five scenarios (including two with variants) ranging from the first week ashore to the entire June campaign. Four of the scenarios are playable in an afternoon or evening. Rules, charts and tables are organized for quick learning.
  • A variety of units (and capabilities) for both sides: Allied naval and air support markers, Tiger and Jagdpanther battalions, Rangers, Nebelwerfers, self-propelled artillery, the "funnies" of the British 79th Armoured Division, Panzer training battalions equipped with captured 1940 French tanks, and many more.
  • A sliding scale of victory points for objectives taken (the number of points decreases over time) which forces the Allied player to take chances and provides the German player with a real opportunity to win. Also, the German player can enter a significant number of additional units (available at a price in victory points to the Allied player) which were not committed to Normandy in June, but could have been.
  • Optional random events for both sides including such "what ifs" as General George S. Patton takes command of the First Army, or Field Marshal Erwin Rommel gets to position the 12th SS Panzer Division near the beaches.
TIME SCALE Two days per turn (Except for the June 6 turn)
MAP SCALE 1.4 miles per hex
UNIT SCALE Regimental/Brigade and Battalion

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