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Glory Glory
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Glory is the first in GMT's Gameplayers Series. Glory presents three American Civil War Battles -- First Manassas (1861), Second Manassas (1862) and the battle of Chickamauga (1863) -- as never before seen. The new game system combines sophistication with ease of accessibility: the rules are less than eight pages, and there are practically no charts. The system combines mostly-familiar mechanics with just enough new ones to add spice and challenge to comfortable familiarity. And while you can start playing in about 15 to 20 minutes (it's really that easy), it will take far longer to master the nuances of play. To add to all of that, there are four different ways to play the game, from Igo-Hugo all the way to command-oriented LIMs.

Historians fear not: there is enough historical flavor in Glory to satisfy even the most demanding of you. All battles are one mappers, and with only a few charts (mostly on the maps), this game will not put a strain on your table space. Glory can be played easily solitaire (those of you familiar with GMT's Three Days of Gettysburg or The Battles of Waterloo know that the LIM system actually enhances solitaire play), but has been specifically designed to give players a fast-paced game that is playable in an evening and very suitable for tournament play.

Game Components

400 full-color large 5/8" and standard 1/2" two-sided counters.
Two 22x34" full-color mapsheets
  • One 10-sided die
  • 8-page Rule Book
  • 8-page Scenario Book
  • Player Aid Card: Terrain / Fire & Charge Resolution Card

Game Features

  • Three optional play methods that allow you to shorten the playing time with Igo-Hugo, add more historical flavor, or inject a note of more random chaos into the game.
  • Scenario booklet includes unit deployment information, very few optional rules, and scenario-specific victory conditions for each battle.
  • This is not a solitaire game per se, but it includes no systems, like hidden movement, that make solitaire play difficult, and the LIM system actually makes solitaire play easier.
TIME SCALE 75 minutes per turn
MAP SCALE 250 yards per hex

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