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GLORY Errata


Maps: The Fire Resolution Tables, which say "13 or 14 or more", should just say "13-14".

Chickamauga Map: Yes, the +1 Charge effect for Clear is correct.

[6.0] OPTIONAL ZONE OF CONTROL RULE: All combat units -- except Disordered Artillery -- have an all-around (6 hex) ZOC, which does not extend across impassable terrain (or bridges). Units may Fire/Charge only through/into Frontal hexes. 14.3.2, 2nd para, applies to Frontal Hexes, not ZOC now. (This is experimental and requires some "adaptation".]

[10.2.2] CLARIFICATION: If an infantry unit fires at an artillery + infantry stack, BOTH target units may fire back, even though the artillery is not affected by the former's fire.

[11.2.2] CLARIFICATION. On the Manassas map, roads negate the movement costs of RR Embankments, but not the combat effects. Those combat effects work in both directions.

[12.2] CLARIFICATION: Return Fire always occurs in the phase in which the original fire took place. So an infantry unit fired on by adjacent artillery returns fire in the arty fire phase.

[12.9 and 13.9] CLARIFICATION. Horse artillery may so retreat.

[13.1] CLARIFICATION: An eligible unit may always charge an enemy unit in its directly frontal hex, even if it does not exert a ZOC into that hex (cf. Bridges).

[13.4] ADDITION: Cavalry charging infantry defending in a Woods hex gets a maximum Cohesion Differential of +1.

[13.10] CLARIFICATION. An alone artillery unit is automatically eliminated if the charging unit is not Routed by Artillery reaction Fire. It will be eliminated if the charging unit is only Disordered.

[14.3] CLARIFICATION: Given a choice between displacing a friendly unit or retreating into an enemy ZOC, the retreating unit will always choose the former. (Survival being a very strong urge.)

[15.0] CLARIFICATION. The Night Rally ability supercedes the 14.4.1 adjacency restriction.

[16.2] CLARIFICATION. If a command will have only one AM, player chooses which AM to use.

1st Manassas Scenario:

[ADDITION] Sherman's Brigade sets up in 4009-4010; the E 3US in 4010

[CLARIFICATION] While the Warrenton Pike negates streams for movement, it does not do so for Charge.

[CLARIFICATION] Hex 3635 is not a CSA Entrance Hex.

2nd Manassas Scenario:

[CORRECTION] Set-up: Union IIIv Corps units are facing "East", and Gibbon 'b' is in 1518. And Hood arrives at 1015, not 1012 on the 29th.

[CLARIFICATION] 5.2.1 does not apply to hex 1020 until 0515, 8/29.

[ADDITION] The Commitment rating of the Jackson Special AM unit is "Auto"

Chickamauga Scenario:

[CLARIFICATION] Cheatham's Division sets up on "Road" hexes 2539-2342; Stewart's Division on Trail hexes 3234-3135, and the Wheeler cavalry starting w/i one hex of 3329 is J. Wheeler's brigade of Forrest's division (not Wheeler's Division).

[ADDITION] 2nd Day scenario (Union). Campbell, Watkin and ray's Cavalry starts w/i 2 hexes of 1440.

[CHANGE to Victory Conditions]. Remove "last to occupy". Units must physically occupy a hex to control it.