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Battle for North Africa Errata

The Map

1.Tobruk, for those who couldn't find it, is L3535 (and don't ask).

2. A "Pass" is any escarpment or ridge hexside crossed (or apparently crossed) by a Track: e.g., L3439-3338 is a pass hexside across a Ridge. Remember, as per the chart, you always pay the +1 Pass cost; it is never halved by the track.

The Charts

Combat Results: CLARIFICATION. When it says "All Units Reduced," this means that any assets are Eliminated (as they have only one side).

Fortification Effects: The letter "D" refers to "Reduced." And the "No Retreat" decision must be made before rolling the die.

Allied Random Withdrawal: The gray chart is correct; the map chart is not (slightly).

Allies Master Reinforcement:

  • March 41. ADD: Withdraw 2NZ Div HQ
  • June 41. ADD: Return 2NZ Div HQ
  • Aug 41. IGNORE: There are no 2/1 Aus AT or 2/3 Aus Arty units to Withdraw.
  • Oct 41. ADD: 70AT (70 Div) arrives.

Axis Master Reinforcement, Sept 41: CLARIFICATION. The German Refit extras may be saved for later.

Terrain :The [c] note for Passes means that you always pay that +1 to cross a pass hex; the "track halving" does NOT apply to that +1.

The Counters

  1. The 3CCNN AMs should be used for the 4CCNN
  2. Oops. We left out the AMs for the Sirte and Savonna divisions. Until we can provide these within C3i magazine, we suggest using the Folgore and Pistoia (misspelled, by the way, on the MRS Chart) AM, as the latter are rarely in the game at the same time as the former.
  3. All 15 PZR AM should be 3 RP (one mistakenly says 2 RP)
  4. The German "Sondvdbnd 288" unit is an independent unit; it has no HQ, no AM. (And it shouldn't have that white stripe.)
  5. The two "Commander" AM should say "? RP," not "2RP"… as per 4.5.6.
  6. The Italian Gruppo Maletti HQ is missing its RP rating of (2).

The Rules

(4.2.1) CLARIFICATION: The Parent divisions is noted at the top of each counter (not the second line). Units without this identifying piece of information are "independent" units.

(4.2.5) CLARIFICATION. HQ's that suffer ANY adverse combat effect - even one that would require them to roll a die - are, instead eliminated. However, HQ are not affected by ANY combat result as long as there is a combat unit in the hex.

(4.3.3) CLARIFICATION. Units whose HQ has been drawn and who are In Command Range are not eligible for activation in a Secondary Phase even if they did nothing (in the Primary).

(4.41) Units out of Command Range(4.3.4) may, if still out of range in the Secondary Phase AND if they did not move in a Primary Activation Phase, move in the Secondary Phase.

(4.42) CHANGE. The costs to leave a Transit Box (6.64 and 6.65) must be paid, even for units moving in the Secondary Phase. Thus, Transit Box RP costs are also an exception to 4.42.

(4.4.6) ADDITION. Units moving in the Secondary Phase may not end their movement outside their LOC. Units that start such movement outside their LOC must move towards re-establishing the LOC.

(6.1.4) EXCEPTION: an absorbed asset may not be moved by its "carrying formation" into a hex into which the asset would normally not be able to enter.

(7.2.7) ADDITION: The presence of a friendly unit in a hex negates an enemy ZOC for the purposes of tracing LOC and determining retreats… but not for normal movement.

(8.24) CLARIFICATION. Do not use MA's of attacking assets (other than recce units).

(8.28) Clarifications on Continuous Movement: 1. First hex entered must be the one vacated by the defender 2. If, in any combat engendered by CM, a unit gets a 2nd CM (which it cannot use), it may still Advance into the vacated hex.

(8.29) CHANGE: A unit that cannot, for any reason, complete its Retreat is Reduced. ADDITION: A unit may Retreat into a City, and stop, and "satisfy" the mandated hex retreat. This does not apply to units that start inside a city (unless fortified). (8.34) Clarification: This is not on a 1-1 unit basis; armor uses its full CS as long as it is stacked with any infantry (foot or motorized) in the hex.

(8.5) ADDITION: For Air Support Missions 1 and 2, the target hex must be no further than 30 hexes from the nearest friendly Village/City (as per 9.2.6). This does not apply to Malta missions. ADDITION: A player may place a maximum of two (2) AS markers per AM. ADDITION: "Air Support Reaction." The non-phasing player may, in reaction to his opponent's placement of Air Markers for Ground Support (only), place Air Markers in defense, during his opponent's AM. All Air rules apply, and AS markers may only be so placed in a hex in which the AM/phasing player has allotted AS.

(9.1.5) CLARIFICATION: RP are also paid for leaving the Transit Boxes (in addition to Activation costs), as per 6.6.4

(9.2.2) CLARIFICATION: RP for purchasing Air Markers are expended immediately upon purchase, as per 8.5.1, not when used

(9.3) ADDITION: Refit in Tobruk. If units in Tobruk cannot trace a LOC to a non-Tobruk Supply Source (i.e., Tobruk is cut off), Refit may be accomplished solely by Naval Transport. A player may refit 2 on-map units by naval Transport, as long as he does not transport any units that turn, To that end (only), the Allies (not the Axis) may use Bardia-to-Tobruk (but not vice versa) for Naval Transport.

(9.3.5) CLARIFICATION: The Allied Armor Upgrade maximum is 6 units; the Axis is '4'. Unfortunately, we printed the latter counters on back of the former. Not bright.

(9.4) ADDITION. A Fortification is reduced one level when a player enters that hex by means of combat. This is the only way to reduce Fortification levels.

(9.5.5) CLARIFICATION. Italian Surrender lasts through March 41 (as it says on the back cover Sequence).

(10.0) ADDITION: "B" (RR Movement): The Allied Player may do this with any AM, regardless of the transported unit's parent organization. CLARIFICATION: "C" and "D" Apply to first non-Transit Box AM chosen.

The 1940 Scenarios

  1. The 6 Aus Recce starts in the Elim Box (not Reduced Box)
  2. Add to the 1-map Scenario:
    • The Italiansuse the Sept-Feb RP DR all turns
    • There is no Refit for Eliminated units
    • The Italian 9/40 Reinforcements arrive 12/40; the 11/40 reinforcements arrive 1/41. No other reinforcements from the MRS are used.
  3. The Allied note [a] doesn't apply anymore (the units it refers to now arrive as "Move only in Secondary Phase")
  4. All Libyan villages are in Axis control; all Egyptian villages are in Allied control.

The 1941 Scenarios

  1. Axis Initial Deployment:
    • The Ariete Division does not get the III Articelere; however, it does arrive with the XXI Medium Tank Bn
    • The Italian 2nd Artillery Regt is the 2ArtyGrp
    • The German 33/15 AT unit starts the scenario in L1900
  2. Fast-Play One-Map Game. You can speed up play even more for this by doing the following:
    • Do not use the RP Rule. Consider both players to have enough RP to do what they want.
    • However, no Refit allowed
    • No Air allowed, except that the Axis gets 3 Air markers to use at any time he wishes.
    • Rommel in all turns; Wavell never available.
    • Trento is on Foot
  3. Allied Reinforcements (1-map): Where it says "Only 1 AM," for units without a HQ that means they may use only the Independent AM, or the Secondary Phase.
  4. Allied Initial Placement: The 14/70 Inf Bgde is not in the Refit Box. (It's not in the game yet).

Credits: Marty "Andruss" should be Marty Arnsdorf (sorry, Marty!)