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War Galley Errata and Clarifications
April 19, 2000
New items are in blue.

Rule Book

6.12 Clarification: The second condition implies that the only valid bow to stern/flank arrangement is the echelon pictured in the diagram. This is not the case. The only requirement is that the following ship's bow be in the stern/flank hex of the ship preceding it.

7.16 Clarification: Collision - The Half-speed marker is removed the next time the galley is activated whether it moves or not.

7.28 Addition: A galley with Crippled markers pointing to both sides cannot move - its is dead in the water.

8.54 Replace "However, at the start of the Activation Phase for that ship, its player determines the effect of the Fire. " with "During the Ship Recovery Segment of the Status Resolution Phase, its player determines the effect of the Fire."

8.64 The Play Note under the Crew section should read:
Play Note: Fatigue does not directly affect the Crew rating, although it does temporarily Restrict a ship's attack [7.13, 7.22] and movement [6.44] capability.

Add the following to the Speed section:
** Fatigue prevents a ship from using Max Speed Level and reduces Cruise Speed [6.44]

9.1 First bullet item should read:
" or that has Run Aground or has sunk by other means such as Fire."

Add the following sentence to the second bullet item:
If a Captured ship is subsequently Rammed, Sunk, or Runs Aground the Capture Bonus (+1 VP) is lost.

11.0 Optional Rules

11.1 Defensive Reaction Ram
Any time a moving ship moves across the bow (into the bow/front hex ) of a non-moving galley, the latter may attempt to ram the moving ship. To attempt the ram, roll one die and compare it to the Crew Rating of the (non-moving) galley. If the die roll is the same as or lower than the Crew Rating, the player may attempt a Ram; if not, there is no effect and the moving ship keeps on moving. If a Ram attempt can be attempted, use the standard Ramming procedure [7.14-7.16]. If the Ram attempt is successful, the rammed ship is immediately stopped (with good reason). Apply Retraction results as required. If the Ram attempt is unsuccessful apply the Collision results to both ships per 7.16. In addition, the moving ship may continue to move but must reduce its MA by one and, for any Ram or Rake attempt that phase, must subtract one (-1) from the die roll.

Scenario Book

Cover Page

  • Chois should be spelled Chios
Lade Persian Initial Deployment: The text that refers to the Spartan player should read Persian player. Arginusae
  • Victory Section: The text that refers to the Peloponnesian player should read Spartan player.
  • Initial Deployment Rhodes/Pergamum: Rergamum should read Pergamum
  • Pergamene Initial Deployment, Starboard Line: Add hexes 4219-4922 to place the remaining ships parallel to the Port line.
  • Rhodian Initial Deployment Port Line: The deployment hexes 5212-13 should read 5212-5312.
  • There is no Didius counter. Use one of the Lembi Squadron Commanders from the Chios scenario instead.

Charts and Tables

Double Activation Table

  • The key should read S=Double Activation Succeeds
Grappling Table
  • The Adjusted DR end values should be 1 or < and 6+ respectively
Ramming Table
  • Clarification: A modified dieroll below the listed range means that the attempt was unsuccessful and a Collision has occurred.[7.16].
Ram Sequence
  • The first bullet item of Step 3.a should read: if successful, attacker see Retract (after Ram) [7.16].
Missile Fire Table
  • Clarification: Missile Fire is resolved using a 1d6.