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(This is in addition to the errata supplied with the game.)

(5.2.6.) CLARIFICATION: Activation status is determined anew in each Status Determination Phase. -- First, all clans adjacent to enemy units are active; then -- all clans within two hexes of an enemy active unit, as above, are also active. The rest are Inactive, regardless of what they did last turn.

(5.52.) CORRECTION: To the second example ... Maeba would NOT be finished; he would still be eligible for activation.

(5.5.3.) ADDITION: A So-Taisho may trump when he is outside his Honjin. However, in rolling for the Trump, halve his Initiative Rating, rounding down.

(5.7.) CLARIFICATION. Only one attempt at Coordination is allowed per Orders Phase.

(6.5.1.) CORRECTION. Ignore the "clan" restrictions for teppo and yumi.

(7.1.3.) CORRECTION. Teppo and Yumi, in the exception, pay one MP (not Cohesion Hit.) for changing facing.

(7.1.4.) CORRECTION. The rule is right; the chart (note 'e'.), while right, should apply to any change of face in woods/village.

(8.1.6.) CLARIFICATION: Yumi and Teppo may be given orders by different busho during a turn. However, they may be moved by only one Busho per turn, and fire through only one Busho per turn. They may not be shunted around like a bowl of peanuts at a party.

(8.1.7.) CLARIFICATION. Ignore any references to "retreats" as combat results. They don't exist.

(8.2.5.) CLARIFICATION. When "rolling to see whether a unit is Disrupted" , the player compares the DR to the unit's TQ. If the same as or higher, the unit is Disrupted (or, if already Disrupted, Routed.). There is no carryover of hits, though.

(8.28.) CLARIFICATION. The reference to 11.6 should be to 9.2.5.

(9.4.6.) CLARIFICATION. The AS doesn't "advance" (there is no retreat.); it just attacks.

(10.1.1.) CLARIFICATION. Samurai only engage in individual combat in a Samurai Challenge Phase. They may not stand in for a Busho during individual combat engendered by Shock.

(10.2.) RECOMMENDATION. Because of the nature of samurai combat, we recommend that players adopt the following restrictions: 1. Only one Samurai Challenge Phase is allowed per Busho activation 2. Only two Samurai Challenge Phases are allowed per player, per turn.

(10.25.) CHANGE: A Finished Busho may select a samurai to defend, if challenged. To do so, he must get a DR that is within his Initiative Range. If the DR is outside the range, he has Lost Face.

(10.3.) CLARIFICATION: Bundori are awarded only for individual combat. Death by any other means, including a Samurai killed during a Samurai Charge, does not produce bundori.

(10.51.) CHANGE. When a Busho is killed, the clan is not rendered inactive. It is still active, but, because it has no leader it can't do much of anything.


There are some typos in the set-up hexes: the usual dyslexic stuff, where a 3113 becomes a 3131, or something like that. They key is that all units in a clan are always together. If they're not, that lone one out there is in the wrong hex.

Okehazama. During sieges, there is no Busho-to-Busho individual combat, and no Samurai charges. In addition, busho inside the castle may ignore samurai challenges without losing face, if they wish.

Nagashino: Oda's army. 1. Oda's own units set up in 1813, not 1913. 2. Oda's Teppo should be set-up as per footnote 'a'.

Sekigahara. The babo-saku should be in 2113, not 2103.