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The Great Battles of History series is back with The Devil's Horsemen, an examination of the military tactics of steppe tribe warfare, as immortalized by the mighty armies of Genghis Khan and the Mongols. The game focuses on cavalry and archery action, featuring mounted archers of exceptional skill. The Devil's Horsemen depicts the four major battles of the era - The Indus, The Kalka, Liegnitz and Ayn Jalut.

The Devil's Horsemen features basic rules for both regular and SimpleGBoH play. The rules bring the system into full flower of mounted archery, with a detailed, augmented set of archery and cavalry mechanics that include various types of Shower Fire (as opposed to plain Volley Fire), Impetuosity and Aggression, Feigned Retreat, Harass and Disperse tactics, and Rally to Standards, with the various armies and units being rated for their ability to use these.

The Devil's Horsemen presens a truly colorful array of armies for you to lead into battle: there are 10 full tumen (divisions) of Mongols, plus Polovtsians, Galicians, Chernigovians, Kievans, Persian Khwarazmians, Poles, Silesians, Bohemians, the great Teutonic Knights, and the first army to ever significantly defeat the Mongols, The Mamluks.

These mighty armies show up in four great battles of the period (ranging from battles needing 1/2 mapsheet to two full-mapsheets).

Game Components

COUNTERS 3 1/2 Countersheets
MAPS 4 maps (2 mapsheets backprinted) 
  • One Player Aid Cards
  • Rules booklet
  • Scenario Booklet
  • One 10-sided die

Game Features

TIME SCALE 20 minutes per turn
MAP SCALE 100 yards per hex 

500 men per foot unit
350 men per mounted unit


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