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Justinian Errata & Clarifications February 13, 2000

New items in blue.


4.24 Clarification: The Vandals and Ostrogoths are the only two Barbarian nations that can add SPs to a force on the game map.

4.34 Clarification: Barbarian SPís that are added to a Byzantine remain loyal until they are removed per 4.6 or are eliminated. These SP are counted both against the individual army limit of 35 SP and total of 150 SP. If the Byzantine player opts to use the Barbarian army instead, the loyalty of the army lasts only for the turn. The Barbarian armies SP are not counted against the 150 SP limit.

4.61 Per 4.24 Barbarian boxes and their armies begin the turn with no SP. So that this is not overlooked add the following bullet item to 4.61:

  • All SPs that are in a Barbarian Box along with all status markers present.

5.13 Exception: A Byzantine allied Barbarian army may not remove Barbarian control markers.

5.42 Clarification: If a Byzantine allied Barbarian army captures the Vandal/Ostrogoth treasury, the treasury is removed without the Byzantine player receiving any Gold.

6.24 [Move Limits] A Byzantine army that fails to meet the Move Limits is Disbanded in the province where it ends its activation [6.25].

6.42 [Vandals] When Tzazon arrives the Barbarian player must also move enough Vandal fleets to Sardinia to transport the SP. If the Vandals have no fleets, they must still move 5 SP there, but no more.

8.12 [Retreat Before Combat]: A retreating army may not retreat into the province just vacated by the active army. At the end of the rule, add the following:

The die roll is modified as follows:

  • +1 if the army retreats into a province that neither side controls
  • +2 if the army retreats into province that is enemy controlled

If the above modified die roll Disorganizes an already Disorganized army, the army loses SP's equal to the difference between the modified die roll and the army/leader's Control rating instead of the 1 SP loss described in 8.23.

8.21 [Combat Results] Loser section: A Barbarian army may retreat into its Home box as if it were a province. The army retains all status markers until removed [8.24-8.26] and may re-enter the map if activated again. The losing army may not retreat into the province vacated by the active army just prior to the attack.



  • Fleet Counters - The 4 is the Interception value for the fleet [see 7.35]


  • The island of Rhodes, though named, is a part of the province of Caria and not a province itself.
  • The Prefecture of the East has a Gold total of 51.