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Caesar in Alexandria Errata and Clarifications
as of 4 Feb 2002
New items in blue.

I. Counters

  • Legion XXVII, Cohort 6 should have a TQ of 7.
II. Rules
  • 2.25 The reference should be to section 4.1
  • 2.4 Player Turn: Reference should be to 4.2
  • 3.0 Sequence of Play: Intro reference on Turn Seizure should be to 4.5.
    • A. Activation Phase: The two references to 4.12 should be to 4.2.
    • D. Fleet Status Phase #3 - Reference should be to 10.42.
    • E. Exhaustion Level - Reference should to 11.3.
  • 4.41 Change the second sentence to: ""The range is measured and traced in Movement Points using land unit movement costs (see 5.31, 5.36, and 5.74)."
  • 5.29 The reference to hex 3204 should read hex 3304.
  • 7.42 Clarification: A unit entering a friendly occupied hex does not trigger entry reaction fire.
  • 7.52 Clarification: 7.13 applies to Harassment and Dispersal Fire.
  • 8.52 Example: Reference to steps 8.33 and 8.34 should be to sections 8.3 and 8.4.
  • 8.53 Clarification: Only one unit advances after Shock whether it's a hex, Point, or Galley.
  • 9.15 Retract (after Ram): Second sentence should read: "… the player uses the original unadjusted die roll …" A galley that successfully Retracts may move no further that activation.
  • 9.24 Last sentence should read: "… a galley may not use Diekplus if it has to move to port or starboard to enter the enemy Bow or Stern hex, nor may it make such a turn within that hex."
  • 11.2 Egyptian Deployment, second bullet [Light Cavalry]: Add "These units may not enter the city of Alexandria or the Heptastadium Causeway."
  • 11.3 Clarification: Exhaustion Points are earned for eliminated units. A unit the leaves the map (voluntary or otherwise) is considered eliminated.
  • 12.2 Naval Battle: The TQ distribution for the Egyptian MI should be: 2 TQ 7, 2 TQ 6, and 2 TQ 5.
  • Victory: Add to the first bullet: "…or has sunk by other means such as Fire."
  • Victory: Add to the second bullet: "If a player regains an enemy-captured galley, the opposing player loses those VP. If a Captured ship is subsequently Rammed, Sunk, or Runs Aground the Capture Bonus (+1 VP) is lost."