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The Sabis. Terrain Key.
The 'rivers' should be Minor River and Stream.
Ignore the Scatter diagram; need for this dropped at last moment. However, see below.
The Rhone. Ignore reference to High-Banked Streams. Somehow these were left out; however, even though they were present, they had absolutly no effect on the battle as they were in peripheral areas.


  1. All the German LI should be javelin-armed; many are missing the (J) indicator.
  2. Aulerci. The Aulerci BI #1 is missing an icon.
  3. We forgot the put in the Legate Passed markers. You can use the Aquila markers to indicate this status, by flipping them to their reverse side.
  4. The Pre-Arranged Withdrawal counters have no use; there is no PA W/D rule.
  5. Romans SK units do not have a reverse side; that is correct.

4.1. Reference, under Line Comman Rating paragraph, to section 4.25-7 should be to 4.3. In addition, ignore all references to Tribal Chiefs; this section has nothjing to do with them. They are covered in 4.5.

4.62. The word "eliminated" applies only if the leader is alone in the hex.

6.98. The 4th point should add that stacked cohorts from the same legion do not suffer this penalty.

7.15. ADDITION: Reaction Facing Change. Any unit may change facing one vertex (per Phase) when an enemy unit moves adjacent to it. It may not do so if it is already in an enemy ZOC. After changing facing the player rolls the die if the unit is foot (but not for cavalry); if the DR is higher than the Cohesion, apply that # of hits to the reacting unit.

10.46. This rule must be distinguished from 10.43. The latter uses only Charisma to see if the unit can be rallied. 10.46 uses only the Rally/Hit Table (which, granted, is missingÉ see below). The example reference to Initiative is, thus, wrong (it should be to Charimsa).


The Sabis.

Roman Deployment. The Romans get 5 Numidian Archers and 3 Cretans, not the other way around.

Reforming Ranks: Explanation, Example and Some Additions.

  • A Roman cohort stays on its "Moved" side - and thus incurs Hit penalties for movement - until it is reformed. At that point it is flipped to its front side and - and this is important - may not voluntarily move again that turn (after it completes its movement).
  • A cohort that starts stacked with the Aquila is "formed" and on its front side.
  • We recommend that players do not try to get the best "facing" set up they can; we do recommend that, for each Forager cohort you roll the die and face the unit as per the Scatter diagram (shifiting the numbers tyherein to the vertex to the right).


  • Debarking. Roman units may not debark into Level 1 land hexes. They may debark only into Beach or Sea hexes.
  • British LI mounted in chariots (CH+LI) may not Shock attack.
  • British LI may dismount into an adjacent hex regardless of how far the CH+LI combination moved. However, LI may continue to move only if the CH+LI combination moved less than the MA of the LI alone. The number of MP allowed is equal to the difference. Conversely, a LI mounting a CH and continue to move (as the CH+LI) up to the MA of the CH less than the number of MP the LI expended prior to mounting.


  • The river is the north edge of the map. The Gauls set up in the 3600 and 3700 columns; the 'front line' is the 3700 column.
  • Clarification: All Helvetian units are automatically rallied during Withdrawal/Regoup.
  • Helvetian 'Second Wind': The Helvetians start the turn subsequent to the Withdrawal/Regroup interlude with Barbarian Ferocity and Impetuosity. Furthermore, the Boii and Tulingi reinforcements enter with Ferocity and Impetuosity.
The Charts

Cohesion Hit and TQ Chart

  • For "D": ignore the "plus '1'.
Movement Cost Chart

  • For Change Facing MP Cost, ignore the (2)
Stacking Reference Charts

  • Ignore the reference to '… and Cavalry [9.4]'. German Cavalry (LC+LI) and British Chariots (CH+LI) are treated as a single unit (Basic) for stacking purposes.
  • A routed cohort moving through a cohort of different legion causes 1 Cohesion to the stationary unit and none for the moving unit.
Missile Range and Results Chart
  • Add 7. If the defender is a Skirmisher (SK), add two (+2) to the die roll
  • Missile Availability -- Add: javelin armed foot units that are involved in Shock combat are Missile NO.
The Rally/Hit Table (10.46) is missing (although it is available in CAESAR/THE CIVIL WARS) Here it is:

 Printed TQ
0,1 1 1
2-5 2 2
6,7 2 3
8,9 3 4
If unit previously Depleted, +2 to DR
* TDis means a 3 TQ unitremains routed.

Summary of Orders and Legion/Line Commands
Individual Orders

  • Ignore '5. Replace a Killed Leader'. There is no Leader Replacement in Caesar: Conquest of Gaul
  • Change Stacking should now be item 5.
  • Add 6. Regroup or Return off-map cavalry
Legion/Line Commands
  • Ignore '3. Pre-Arranged Withdrawal'
  • Leaders may not use a LC for #'s 3-6 above.