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(6.4) and (6.6) Clarification: Units in Column may not stack at any time.

(6.74) Change: The rule as written in the book applies only to units outside fortifications. Units inside fortifications exert what we now call Fort ZOC's: they affect movement like standard ZOC's, but they do not require Shock for units moving into them. All units inside fortifications which are facing adjacent to walls, berms, ramparts, etc., exert Fort ZOC's into adjacent hexes outside the walls.

Design Note: The above is somewhat of a stopgap rule, until we come up with the complete "siege" rules in the Alesia module.

(7.15) Addition: Reaction Facing Change: Any single-hex unit (not double-hex units) may change facing one vertex (per Phase) when an enemy unit moves adjacent to it. It may not do so if it is already in an enemy ZOC. After changing facing the unit rolls the die; if the DR is higher than the Cohesion, apply that # of Hits.

An important clarification on the (old) Shock Charts: Those of you who like to sit down and try to "back analyze" charts and tables have noticed that there appear to be inconsistencies within the JC Clash of Arms Table. Not so fast, Hobartus The numbers on the charts - excluding those for the Barbarian Infantry (which did not exist at the time of publication of JC) - are correct. The chart is not supposed to be Linear; it reflects some of the realities and incongruities of military life in that era and virtually any other era. In addition, this chart takes into account not only its companion Superiority Table, but also the relative/comparative TQ Ratings of the units. We suggest you take a look at, for example, Caesar's The Civil War , I. 44, for an explanation as to why Veterans seem to do less well than Conscripts, etc., in certain areas. If you wish a more modern analogy, it's like the really great boxer, a classic stylist and tactician - a real pro - who gets into the ring with an unschooled, wild swinging lefty. More often than not, the pro will have a lot of trouble with the "lesser" boxer, simply because of the latter's unpredictability.


Munda: The two Pompeian Cavalry Prefects - the two Pacidiei - should set up each stacked with one of their cavalry units. The two Syrian legion Tribunes assigned to command the Numidian LI reserves should have Strat Ratings of '2', as they are not assigned to any SC's. This is an exception to the Tribunes being able to generate their own Line Commands.

Dyrrachium: Ahenobarbus may use his Strategy Rating to get LC's for his contingent of units. Change: Pompey's reinforcements may cross the Ramparts; they do not have to go through the gates.

Thapsus: After Juba arrives, Caesar's troops will rout towards his camp or to any hex north of the camp.