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Brit MI are treated as BI.

Nametes BI are treated as MI (and use the MI Defense line on the table)

Togodumnus - who was most likely crossing the river Styx at the time of the The Medway - should have the following ratings:

Range: 4/7, Init: 4, and Charimsa: 2 (pretty good for a dead guy, huh!)

Why did this happen?

The counters for Caratacus were printed many, many moons ago, as part of a run which included counters for several other games (and a C3i). Caratacus was allotted 40 "spaces" (hey, Reality does stick its head in here every once in a while). As pne result, we "had" to use the Nametes for the Batavians (substituting counters in GBoH modules is, shall we say, a time-honored way of life). However, the Brits were originally MI (and printed as such), when during testing we realised that (a) there was no MI line on the Weapons Table (somethign we now conveniently ignore for the Batavaians, but, hey, we've done worse). In addition, it helped to give them a slight "uptick" to BI, especially as they seemed to fit BI better than MI in terms of how they fought. (And guys with no clothes, painted blue, with spikey hair seemed to attract a BI label).