Solitaire Games

This section highlights our games that have built-in solitaire opponents. A few of the games (like the Fields of Fire games and Cactus Air Force) are designed to be played ONLY solitaire. The rest are designed to be played with more players, but do have a built-in solitaire system included.

There are two other games we'd like to direct your attention to:

1. NightFighter: is not a solitaire game, but shortly after publication, Dr. Phil Sabin, Professor of Strategic Studies in the War Studies Department of King’s College London, approached designer Lee Brimmicombe-Wood about creating a set of solitaire rules for the game. Lee agreed, and subsequently put his official stamp of approval on Dr. Sabin's solitaire ruleset, which is available from our website, here. Enjoy!

2. Space Empires: Although this is not a solitaire game, it does have a couple of solitaire scenarios (and the expansion has more!) that are really fun to play. See a sample AAR of one of the solitaire scenarios posted on BGG, here.
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