Digital Editions

This page will feature digital editions of some of your favorite GMT games. First off, here are links to Playdek's Digital Edition of our best-selling game, Twilight Struggle:

Twilight Struggle for Steam, for Mac and PC

Twilight Struggle for iOS, for iPad

Twilight Struggle for Android

Steam, Mac and PC Version Reviews:
iOS and iPad Version Reviews:
Beyond Twilight Struggle, we'll generally have two types of products listed on this page:

1. iOS versions of our games (Android will be coming at some point, just not initially). Clicking on any iOS products below (once they are approved by Apple, listed on iTunes, and posted here) will send you to a product description page which will include a link to buy the game on the iOS marketplace.

2. Computer games (for Windows PCs initially) that you can pre-order at a discount as part of our P500 program. Note that these games will be digital downloads, they will not require 500 preorders (although we hope we'll get a lot more than that so we can keep producing computer versions of our games), and also that your credit card will not be charged until just a few days before the game is ready for download. The first of our PC games will be NightFighter, which  is available for pre-order at a nice discount on our P500 page. Just click the icon below to go to the P500 page where you'll find more details plus ordering info.

We'll update this page with more information as we get closer to release on our initial products.
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