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Typhoon! Clarifications and Errata


1. Strongpoints and Arctic Weather: This item is covered in section 12.1.4 of the rules, but you might want to add the following note to the Soviet Scenario #5 Replacement Table: On the first turn of Arctic Weather, and each turn thereafter, Strongpoints can only be constructed in hexes occupied by Engineer units. Note: When the ground froze, it took explosives, not picks and shovels, to create holes for covered defensive positions.

2. Air Unit Readiness: The Expanded Sequence of Play correctly states that the readiness roll procedure is carried out for all air units in the Flown box first. Then repeat the procedure for all units in the Damaged box. This will prevent players from inadvertently moving an air unit from the Damaged box to the Ready box in one turn. You might want to note this sequence on each Air Operations Card.

3. Overruns: The following information is in the rules, but should be added to the Overrun Table: The -2 DRM for overrun hex terrain (Woods and Hills) and hexside terrain (rivers) is cumulative. Note, however, that the maximum net DRM for an overrun is +3/-3.

4. Rule 14.1.4c Clarification: If the major city is surrounded or otherwise unable to trace a line of communications (see 6.1) for itself, it nevertheless continues as a general supply source for friendly units occupying its hexes. Until the major city is no longer surrounded or has re-established a line of communications, it cannot function as a placement hex for reinforcements, supply units, or replacements. The sole exception to this rule is that Soviet-controlled Moscow hexes are always available for placement of those reinforcements and supply units designated only for Moscow. Note that replacements still could not be placed in a Moscow hex if Moscow were surrounded or unable to trace a line of communications for itself. No major city hex is ever subject to Soviet surrender (see 6.4).

5. Rule 6.1.2c Clarification: An enemy hex containing a non-destroyed enemy fortified line blocks all friendly LOC through the hex, regardless of which hexsides are covered by the fortified line.


1. Major Rivers: The rules cover two combat effects that are not listed on the Combat Effects Chart:

a. During Snow and Arctic Weather turns, Major Rivers are frozen and have no effect on combat.

b. During Dry, Mud, or Frost game-turns, ZOCs do not extend across Major Rivers. Therefore attacking units are not obligated to attack adjacent enemy units across those Major River hexsides and the restrictions of 8.1.2 do not apply. Note: Major Rivers are wonderful defensive barriers when fully manned, but even then the width of the river gives the defender problems because the attacker cannot be pinned or fixed in place by recon screens and patrolling.

2. Extended Sequence of Play: Add Segment E (which is correctly listed in the rules under the Summary Sequence of Play) as follows:

E. Game-Turn Record Interphase
E1. Record unresolved Mandated Attacks (see 16.2.2) as Axis VPs under certain circumstances.
E2. Remove all Overrun and Interdiction markers from the map.
E3. Advance the Turn Marker one space along the Turn Record Track to indicate the start of a new game-turn.

3. Strategic Movement: Add new paragraph 7.7.4: All hexes moved across must themselves be in general supply. A unit cannot move out of general supply while using strategic movement.

4. Rule 18.4.7: The reference to rule 14.3.1 in this paragraph is incorrect. It should be to rule 13.6.2 (Garrison Release).

5. Rule 19.2.6a (Addition): Strongpoints may be placed (and completed if placed in hexes containing Soviet engineer units) and supply units may enter the map area using road or rail movement. soviet supply units may be placed in cities or major cities in the map area.

6. (Addition) New Paragraph 19.2.6c: The provisions of 18.4.7 (Soviet fortification garrisons) apply to all three maps used in this scenario.

7. Map Errata (Map P): a. The following hexes should not contain any woods: P2705, P2629, P1631, and P3817. It appears that during printing, the woods overlay shifted eastward causing some trace of woods in hexes that should not contain any. b. Hex P3115 includes marsh terrain.

8. Map Errata (Map N) A rail line does run between hexes N2047 and N2048 (the two Smolensk hexes).

9. Soviet Counter Errata:
a. Set-up hex for 53+73 armored train is N2603.
b. Set-up hex for 30+76 armored train is P2512.
c. 3NKVD division should not have "motorized" box on its full-strength side.
d. Set-up hex for 199 Naval artillery is N3724.
e. DES NKVD is a battalion, not a regiment.
f. Two SB-2 bomber units should have been marked as SU-2, (including the one marked Moscow). The Set-up card is marked correctly.
g. 1st Comp Engineer Brigade enters on Turn 8 as noted on the Set-up Card.
h. Set-up hex for 32nd Army AT Brigade is N3641.
i. 124th Tank Brigade enters on turn 26 as noted on the Set-up Card.
j. All Soviet Motorcycle Regiments should have their MA's printed in yellow to denote the fact that with MA's of 8, they are all Infiltration-Capable.

10. Axis Counter Errata:
a. 30th and 50th Regiments of 18th Motorized Division should each have a stacking value of 2 on its full-strength side.
b. 18th Recon Bn of 18th Motorized Division should have a stacking value of 1 on its reduced-strength side.
c. 674th Engineer Regiment should have a regimental size symbol on its full-strength side.
d. 5th MG Bn should have a battalion size symbol instead of a regimental size symbol.
e. 290th Infantry Division sets up on its reduced-strength side per the Set-up Card.
f. All air units should be marked uniformly on the back so that the Soviet player cannot see at a glance whether he is facing fighters or bombers.

11. Set-up Card Errata:
a. General: The printer photo-reduced each Set-up Card. You should find it much easier to set up game pieces if the set- up cards are blown back up to 110% of 115% of their current size.
b. Scenario #4 (Axis Set-up): one He-111 air unit is damaged At Start. Note: Both sides use only one Dummy air unit in this scenario.
c. Scenario #5: 1. Axis 276 AA Bn should set-up on hex N2848. 2. Axis 14 Mot. Division (3 units) should set up in hex N1537. 3. Soviet At Start Set-up: Delete the strongpoint in hex N2535. 4. Omit the extraneous MSU symbols in the right-hand margins of the Soviet Set-up Cards. 5. Axis Reinforcement Card: The -2VP cost to enter the 250th Division group was omitted. 6. Soviet Armored Train reinforcements are received at the following locations: GameTurn-11, Tula (not received if Tula is Axis-controlled); GameTurn-16, South Edge; GameTurn-30, Moscow (correctly marked on Set-up Card); GameTurn-33, South Edge.

12. Victory Point Schedule: Somehow the printer lost the tab settings. There should be separate headings over each of the five columns. Thus, "Hoepner Plan" should be over the last column on the right.

13. Summary of Additional Supply/Weather Effects Card: Delete "Major City" from Note 7.

14. How to Read Units Card: Counter Values Box - Yellow MA should denote Infiltration Capable instead of Reaction Capable. Reaction Capability is determined by unit type (motorized), while infiltration capability is determined by MA (must be 7 or greater) or by being a ski unit during Snow/Arctic weather turns.

15. Movement Allowance Chart: Here, again the printer lost the tabs. Please request a sample of how it should look from GMT.

16. Combat Effects Chart: Swamp (Add): No effect during Snow or Arctic weather turns.

17. Terrain Effects Chart: Under Hexside Terrain, Frost weather condition, change the following:
Sea/Lake: Delete NE and add P
River: Delete NE and add +1