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Barbarossa: Army Group South Errata
25 January 1998

1. Maps
a. Map G, hex G5504: there is a redundant major river bridge spanning nothing in particular. Ignore it.
b. Map R, hex R3745 should be labelled R3744. The hex directly under it (R 3726) should be R3745.

2. Soviet Naval Artillery Units: All are missing the red dot with the R for do not rebuild. The rules and Soviet unit rebuilding charts, however, accurately state that these units cannot be rebuilt.

3. Effects on Movement Chart, Note 2: Instead of -12MPs from printed MA, should be -2.

4. Campaign game (scenario #5) set-up. When overlapping maps E & F, some units which set up in Map F hexes for scenario 4 now set up the the overlapping Map E hex instead (the location remains unchanged, but the old Map F hexnumbers are covered by Map E hexnumbers. Campaign locations can be pencilled in on the set-up cards above the units or their scenario 4 set-up hexes. Affected units:
Sov 19 Motorcycle Rgt(Sov set-up card two front - hex F1012)for the campaign game it sets up in E4845).
Sov strongpoint (Sov set-up card two front - hex F1014) for the campaign game it sets up in E4847.
Rumanian 2 and 4 Mt Bdes (Axis set-up card two front - F1017) for the campaign game, they set up in E4850.

5. Overrun Table. At the bottom of the table, after the word "or," pencil in the word strongpoint. Sorry for the omission.

6. Rulebook
a. para 10.7.8.c.1. should read: "It costs one MP to enter a clear hex on a minor road, and two MPs per hex for all other terrain.
b. para 16.3.5 Step losses and Victory Points. Revise the second sentence of the paragraph to read: When the step loss marker reaches the right-most box of the Soviet or Axis step loss track, move the marker back to the zero box and increase the VP total by one (for Soviet losses), or decrease the VP total by one (for Axis losses).

7. Armor Effects Box under the CRT: Combined Arms Bonus - Attacker: add the recon unit type symbol.

8. Combat Effects Chart:
a. Swamp - Dry, Mud weather: add to number 3. "No CAB allowed"
b. Defender Supply: Effect 2. should read "No defensive fire support from any arty unit bearing an OoS marker"

9. Secnario #7&8 Player Aid Card
a. Victory Point Chart. The hex listed for Kramatorsk should be 1234 instead of 1231.
b. Scenario #7 Special Conditions/ Axis Supply Sources/ R1340 should be R1040.

10. Axis Set-Up Cards
a. Card Two (Back): Hex 3347, delete x2 under the Lehr NW unit.
b. Card Three (Front): The phrase "None at Start" under the Axis RSCs and MSUs applies only to the MSUs (two of the RSCs do start set up on Map E).

11. Soviet Set-UP Cards
a. Card Two (Back): Hex 2138, the 296 Sov Div is a 3-3-4 instead of the 3-4-4.
b. Card Four (Front): The strongppoint listed for hex 5880 should be placed in hex 5830.

12. Play Book
a. pg 20, para 14.4e (Axis supply sources, Rostov scenario): supply source hex R1340 should be R1040.
b. pg 10, para 9.3b, line two: change fourteen to eighteen (the set-up card four front is correct).