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Barbarossa: Army Group North Errata
23 May 2002

New items are in blue.

  1. Learning Scenario
    1. Due to numerous errors introduced when mixed files were printed, disregard the learning scenario in the AGN Play Book, and use instead the Learning Scenario posted on the Army Group North game page.
  2. Chart and Table Cards
    1. Chart and table card #1
      1. AA Fire Chart DRMs, add: Maximum Soviet AA DRM is +2
      2. Terrain Effects Chart, Swamp, Dry and Mud, effect 3 should read "..enter or exit.."
      3. Major River Hexside, Dry, Mud, Frost effects add: ZOCs do not extend across.
      4. "Combined Arms Bonus": the first of the engineer symbols should be motorized (have the wheels under the unit type box).
      5. "Armor Attrition": add a motorized anti-tank unit type box to the defender units.
    2. Chart and table card #2
      1. "Unit Type Symbols" has the flotilla and armored train symbols reversed.
      2. Effects on Movement Chart: Reaction Movement Phase, Snow/Arctic Turn column, add note 5
      3. Effects on Movement Chart: Note 5, add … during either Frost or Arctic turns
      4. Movement Allowance Conversion table: add footnote ** One hex movement
    3. Scenario Card Two - Front
      1. Axis Garrison Requirements: delete reference to Scenario 4 (no garrison requirement in that scenario)
    4. Scenario Card Two - Back
      1. Geographical Locations Captured, Leningrad Inset Map, each Inset Map major city hex: change 35 to 39
      2. VPs for Steps/HQs Removed:
        1. * 1st section (Soviet HQs): change "when disbanded" to read "when disbanded or if surrender occurs"
        2. * 4th section (Axis armored or artillery type) should read -1 instead of +1. Also, award when marker reaches 5 box instead of 8 box
        3. * 5th section, change +1 to -5
    5. Soviet Air Unit Status Chart
      1. Flown Box, Weather DRMs, add: +2 Storms
      2. Damaged Box, Move to Flown Box: change 9+ to 5+
      3. Soviet Unit Rebuilding Chart, Cadre Box: add armored cavalry unit type box to the section requiring two Type I RPs
      4. Soviet Unit Rebuilding Chart, Eliminated Box: add armored cavalry unit type box to the section requiring one Type I RP
    6. Soviet Set Up Card One - Front
      1. Scenario 4, at start, line 1, hex 2804/A4141 - there should be a single dot following A4141.
      2. Scenario 4 Reinforcements - the first group enters on GT3
      3. Level Two Interdiction Box - hex 3602 should be 3620
    7. Soviet Set Up Card Two - Front
      1. Map B, line 1 - the 39/3 Bde arty unit sets up in hex B1115
    8. Soviet Set Up Card Three - Front
      1. Add: Soviet Mandated Attacks Not Yet Made - set at 2
    9. Soviet Set Up Card Four - Front
      1. Add: All river, major river, lake/inland sea, swamp and marsh hexes are frozen for the entire scenario.
    10. Axis Set Up Card One - Front
      1. Scenario 5 Section, add below rail capacity: At start Amphibious capacity - set at 3 points
    11. Axis Set Up Card Two - Front
      1. Reinforcements, line 1:
        1. * Hex C2424 - 285 Sich and 3 Sich both enter on GT6
        2. * Hex C1916 - 706 Wach enters GT6
        3. * Hex C1020 - all enter GT6
        4. * Ready Box Air Units and MSUs - all enter GT6
        5. * 93 Div, SS Nord and 928+929 arty all enter GT7
    12. Axis Set Up Card Three - Front
      1. Add to At Start Units - 2/SSTK Cadre Box
      2. Rail Conversion Points - should be 8 per GT for all of Map L
  3. Maps
    1. Map A
      1. Sea Zone Map - Ladoga Zone arrow mistakenly points to Lake Piepus. The arrow should point to the body of water in the upper right hand corner to the east of the Leningrad Sea Zone.
      2. Sea hex 2321 between sea hexes 2339 and 2341 should be 2340
      3. Hex 2521 between hexes 2539 and 2541 should be 2540
    2. Scenario 1 - Tallinn Map
      1. Hex 2302 is missing its red star
      2. Axis Special Reinforcement Pool: the VPs for Groups 1 and 2 should be -1 and -2 respectively
      3. Scenario 1 VP Schedule, Each Special Reinforcement Pool Group taken: should be +/- #
    3. Scenario 2 - Operation Beowulf Map
      1. Soviet Special Reinforcement Pool should read +1 VP
    4. Leningrad Inset Map
      1. Soviet 0-0-4 MSUs available: change x6 to x4
      2. At Start Axis Units
        1. * Line 3, hex 4007: delete the -1 step icon (the unit is already reduced)
        2. * Line 3, ready box, Bf109 (4 0/1): change x6 to x5
      3. Scenario 7 Miscellaneous Information
        1. * Soviet Railcuts: change x7 to x8
        2. * Soviet Replacements, Armor RP: change hex 2111 to 2112
  • Play Book
    1. Page 8, 8.1.3, Movement Example:
      1. Line 6, replace Kronstadt with Tallinn, and (L3005) with (B2204)
      2. Line 9, replace Gulf of Finland with Moonsund
      3. Line 10, replace Leningrad with Gulf of Finland
    2. Page 9, 8.4.2.b, 1st bullet: Change to read - One motorized stacking point. NOTE: all orange, green and gray MA units also require 2 STPs per stacking point - any zero stacking motorized, orange, green or gray MA unit counts as one step for purposes of Sea Transport Movement.
    3. Page 25, 14.5, 2d bullet, add the following sentence to the end of the paragraph: Treat the islands of Naissaar (B2003) and Aegna (B2202) as mainland hexes for purposes of Soviet surrender.
    4. Page 25, para 14.5, last bullet, change para to read:
      1. Map L: Soviet units do not have to make surrender checks if:
        1. they can trace a line of land/coastal hexes free of Axis units or their ZOCs (in vacant hexes) to either Leningrad or a map edge supply source, or
        2. they can trace a line of land/coastal hexes free of Axis units or their ZOCs (in vacant hexes) to a friendly port (the line is then extended by sea from the port to Leningrad - note if all Leningrad coastal hexes are Axis controlled, Soviet units cannot trace by this method to avoid surrender checks).
  • Rule Book
    1. Page 4, add new para 5.1.5: In all scenarios, all river, major river, inland sea lake and coastal/sea hexes remain frozen for the remainder of the scenario after the first snow or arctic weather turn occurs.
    2. Page 7, 7.2.b, graphic, add: armored cavalry unit type box to the unit types eligible for Type I RPs.
    3. Page 8, 7.3.1, line 7, change to read …One or two Type I RPs…
    4. Page 8, 8.1.3, replace current para with the following:
      1. 8.1.3 Delayed Reinforcements
        1. The entry of a unit can be delayed at the owning player's option
        2. Entry must be delayed if:
          • Enemy units occupy all possible entry hexes, or
          • Block all entry hexes by occupying them or placing intervening hexes between occupied hexes in enemy ZOCs (Exception: friendly units with yellow MAs can use Infiltration Movement [if allowed] to enter a vacant entry hex in enemy ZOCs).
    5. Page 9, 8.4, replace the final sentence of the introductory para with the following: These units may enter the map as reinforcements during the friendly Movement Phase or (if allowed) the friendly Motorized Movement Phase either by:
    6. Page 11, 10.5.2, last sentence of the para now reads: However, stacking limits apply at the end of each friendly movement phase, and at the conclusion of each retreat.
    7. Page 11, 10.5.7, add to para: Exception: RSCs [23.0]
    8. Page 12, 10.7.7, replace current para with the following:
      1. 10.7.7 Dry Weather Road Movement (refer to the TEC and the Cases below)
        1. Units entering and exiting a hex through road hexsides pay the applicable road movement rate for that hex instead of non-road hexside and hex terrain costs [see Cases one, two and three].
        2. Units entering a hex through a road hexside that end movement in that hex pay the applicable road movement rate for that hex instead of non-road hexside and hex terrain costs.
        3. Units entering a hex through a roadside, but exiting through a non-road hexside must pay the non-road hexside and hex terrain costs. [see Case four] Exception: Bridges still confer their movement benefits when crossing bridged hexsides.
    9. Page 13, left column, Case Three, replace last sentence with: Total cost to move through hex D, the center hex and hex C is 2 ˝ MPs.
    10. Page 15, 11.3.3, Play Note: delete the reference to TEC.
    11. Page 15, 11.4.2d, Case Two, add: Note: this rule also applies if enemy units in the target hex exert no ZOCS, but enemy units in adjacent hexes do exert ZOCs into a hex containing overrunning units.
    12. Page 19, 12.8, add third bullet:
      • Any artillery unit (attacker or defender) participating in the combat must be in range of at least one defender hex.
    13. Page 19, 13.2.5 d, replace first sentence with: Reduce the number of artillery units stacked with a Soviet HQ in an Interdicted hex by one per Interdiction Level to a minimum of one [refer to Soviet Artillery Suppression Chart on the 11x17 card].
    14. Page 19, 13.2.5.d, delete the entire note following this paragraph.
    15. Page 20, 14.1.2:
      1. Delete current para 14.1.2
      2. Add new 14.1.2: Reaction Movement need not be toward the combat that triggered it, or toward any combat.
    16. Page 20, add new para14.1.3:
      1. 14.1.3 A reacting unit can only enter a hex adjacent to an enemy unit if:
        1. It enters a hex where hexside terrain prevents exerting a ZOC into the enemy unit's hex (or the enemy unit occupies a major city hex).
        2. It enters a hex bearing a Declared Attack marker Note: The intent is to prevent the possibility that reacting units could force an attacker to attack an additional hex after an attack is already declared.
        3. It has sufficient MPs (or can utilize one hex movement) to enter. The reacting unit does not pay the +1 MP cost to enter an enemy ZOC, but must stop after entering the hex.
    17. Page 20, 14.3.5, add this sentence to the end of the para: Units in such hexes do not have the option to retreat. They must defend using No Retreat [16.6.1, Exception 1].
    18. Page 21, 15.5.2 b, Exceptions, first bullet, line 2: replace the word "when" with "since"
    19. Page 23, 16.3.2, third line from bottom: replace "Ukrainian" with "Estonian."
    20. Page 24, 16.3.4, lines 6 and 7:
      1. Delete the words "removed because they cannot retreat"
      2. Add in their place the words "any unit losing its last step for any reason [combat loss or retreat]
    21. Page 24, 16.3.4, and 16.4, add after both paras: Exception: RSCs are available for re-use.
    22. Page 25, 16.5.2 c4, line 3: insert the word "loss" after the word "step"
    23. Page 25, 16.6.1, Exception One, line 3: delete the words "are not required to" with the word "cannot"
    24. Page 25, 16.6.1, Exception Two, add new sub para d: Attacking units bearing Additional Retreat markers cannot advance after combat.
    25. Page 25, para 16.6.3, 4th line from bottom: change "sea" to read "sea/lake"
    26. Page 25, 16.6.4:
      1. Add to the para the following new first first sentence: Units cannot end retreats in an enemy ZOC.
      2. Change the original line one to read "through hexes" instead of "through a hex"
      3. Add to the end of the para: If a unit ends its second hex of retreat in a friendly occupied hex that is in an enemy ZOC (or any hex bearing a Declared Attack marker), it may be retreated one additional hex if the third hex is free of enemy ZOCs or does not possess a Declared Attack marker. Otherwise, the retreating unit is removed from play and placed in the Cadre Box.
    27. Page 28, 18.2.3: delete current 3d line and add [see 18.3 for restrictions]
    28. Page 28, add new 18.3.8: 18.3.8 New Soviet strongpoint construction may be prevented by the presence of a Non-Op Soviet HQ [22.2.5.a].
    29. Page 30, 20.2.2 a, line 5: delete "Replacement" and add "Engineering"
    30. Page 30, 21.1.1 b, delete current para and replace with: Cannot trace a line of hexes of any length free of Axis units or their ZOCs (when projected into unoccupied hexes) to a non-surrounded Soviet major city or map edge supply source.
    31. Page 31, add new para 22.1.4: An operational Soviet HQ can allow more than one artillery unit stacked with it to contribute support to a single Declared Combat [Refer to Artillery Support on the 11 x 17 Chart and Table Card]
    32. Page 31, 22.2.1, line 6, add after the word "one": for rail transport
    33. Page 31, 22.2.5.d, add to para: Exception: Soviet naval units are exempt from this restriction.
    34. Page 31, 22.2.5.g, line 5, add the word "can" so that the sentence reads …that can begin…
    35. Page 34, 23.0, add to para: RSCs are available for re-use after recombination [23.3], combat loss [16.3.4 and 16.4], or map exit [10.5.7]