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Barbarossa: Army Group Center Errata
5 May 2000

New items are in blue.

  1. Rule Book
    1. Page 4, 5.1.3.a, line 2: replace "box" with "line"
    2. Page 9, bottom of right hand column, Note 2, Add: Fractions are also used when entering city/major city hexes.
    3. Page 34, 24.1.2, line 2, after the word "occupied" add: or controlled [3.0b].
    4. Page 30, 22.1.1.a, add: Exception - Soviet units in major city hexes are subject to surrender even though adjacent Axis units cannot project ZOCs into major city hexes.
    5. Page 30, Para 21.1.1.b. Replace current paragraph with the following paragraph: Cannot trace a line of hexes of any length free of Axis units or uncontested Axis ZOCs to a friendly non-surrounded Soviet major city or map edge supply source regardless of the presence of MSUs or Dumps.
    6. Para 16.6.1, Exception 2 - add new sub-para d:
      d. Attacking units bearing Additional Retreat markers can never advance after combat even when combat results allow advance after combat.
  2. Play Book
    1. Page 15, 11.4, add sub para i.: Axis units do not require Attack Supply on GT1 when participating in Declared Attacks against Defender Hexes containing a Germany/Lithuania border hexside. (this condition is correctly listed on Scenario Chart and Table Card One Back, but was omitted from the Play Book).
    2. Page 18, 13.4.e: Not all Axis Supply sources are listed. Set-up Card One Back (Axis Scenario 6) contains a complete list of the Axis Supply Sources for the scenario.
    3. Page 9, center column, 3d paragraph: Correction - since engineer effects have been declared, the first step lost must be an engineer step. The second step lost does not have to be an armor step because BSR 16.5.c.3 specifies engineer effects cannot be declared for armor attrition to be in effect.
    4. Page 16, center column, para 12.3.a: The second Railhead marker is placed during the Engineering Phase of GT 12. Set-up Card Five Front is correct.
  3. Counters
    1. Sheet 3 of 4, Soviet 32 and 40 Super-Heavy Artillery units should have brown scenario color boxes instead of medium blue.
    2. Sheet 3 of 4 (back): Three Soviet UR/MG units have yellow unit ype boxes on their untried sides. Ignore the yellow fill; these units are not Militia.
    3. Sheet one of four, left front, 25/7 Pz stacking value should be 3 instead of 2.
    4. Sheet one of four, left front, 192 Assault Gun Bn scenario color box set-up should be D3027
    5. Sheet one of four, left front, 197 Inf Div - add triangle icon to scenario color box
    6. Sheet one of four, right front, 3-103 Ent and 3-105 Ent - add triangle icon to scenario color boxes.
    7. Sheet 1 of 4, right front and left back: the 403 Sich should be depicted front and back as a division [unit size symbol XX] instead of a regiment [ unit size symbol III].
  4. Scenario Chart and Table Cards
    1. General Note: After the Play Book was printed, the number of cards increased from two to three. References to specific cards may no longer be correct.
    2. Card Three Front, VP Category II, Events Occurring Within a Scenario: The condition applying only to scenario 7 should read "Each Soviet Inf/Cav/Mot unit remi\aining on Map D....." (not map C as printed).
    3. Card Three Front, VP Category III, VPs for Steps/HQs Removed, Axis step losses should read: "-1 Per 5 steps Axis armored or artillery type. Award when marker reaches 5 Box......" (not 8 Box as printed).
    4. Card Three Front, VP Category IV, Axis Exit (Scens 7 & 8 only), Axis south map exit should read: "Each complete PZ/Mot Div Exited....." (the word Div was omitted when printed).
    5. Card Three Back, IV. Units Not Exited, Clarification: SPs is an abbreviation for Stacking Points.
  5. Section V. Set-Up Cards:
    1. Card One Front
      1. At start units, 6th line from the top - there should be two MSUs setting up in hex D2825 instead of one.
      2. At start units, 7th line from the top - 52/18M and 101/18M (hex D2825) should read 52/18 Pz and 101/18 Pz
    2. Card Two Back
      1. Scenario 7, The Campaign - Additional At Start Units Map I, hex I3524, Opsha should be spelled Orsha
      2. Scenario 7, The Campaign - Additional At Start Units Map I, hex I3524, add the WF Bridge Unit
    3. Card Three Back
      1. Scenario 3, Minsk Pocket, 5th line from top - add a note that 24 MC Rgt (hex D5907) both set up in hex I1133 for the Scenario 7, the Campaign (Set-Up Card Two Back)
      2. Scenario 3, Minsk Pocket, 5th line from top - add a note that 26 Tk Div (hex D6304) sets up in hex I1133 for the Scenario 7, the Campaign (Set-Up Card Two Back)
      3. Scenario 4, Army Group North - add note that Interdiction Level Two markers are placed at start in hexes C2804 and C3620
      4. Scenario 2, Counterattack at Lepel - add note that two Interdiction Level One markers are placed at start in hexes I2903 and I3216
    4. Card Five Front
      1. At Start hex I3224, Change unit designation from 3 MG to 5 MG
      2. At Start hex I3426, Change unit designation from 63/19 Pz to 63/17 Pz
      3. At Start hex I3630, Change unit designation from 6D to GD
      4. Reinforcements - Box to right of GT16 Box should be labeled GT 17
      5. Additional At Start Units, Axis 0-0-8 MSUs - there should be 2xMSUs in hex I2318, and only 1xMSU in hex I3225
  6. 11 x 17 Charts and Tables
    1. Movement Point Cost Chart (MPCC): Minor Road (clear terrain) line, Snow weather - movement point cost should be 2 instead of 1.
  7. Maps
    1. Map H - trim gray border from northwest corner of map, so that when overlaying Map H over Map I, Minsk is visible.
    2. Map I - trim north edge gray border from hex row 4000 to east map edge if mating Map I to Typhoon Map N.