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Red Winter Night Turn Example
( From an ongoing Vassal game: post turn 5 (night turn))


We are playing the First Two Days scenario, and on turn 5 of 14. This has been an interesting game so far. We each currently have one unit in the dead pool.

My Russian opponent pushed me back, unharmed, on turn 1, then started to bypass my defensive postions near Kivisalmi Bridge by going around Lake Taivaljärvi to the east (where you now see the bonfire at far right).

He didn't make an attempt for Kotisaari Island until about turn 3, but his attack across the frozen lake faltered and he was left stranded on the ice. My counterattack from the island didn't go too well either- I forced him to take a step reduction and retreat, but I could clearly see that I wasn't going to be able to hold the island for long.

During the night turn (turn 5, pictured) I voluntarily abandonned the island and he moved up to take it over. He also moved his forces from Valisaari (the small islet south of Kotisaari) onward to the south end of Tolvajärvi (the town at left) to threaten my right flank.

I launched a couple night raids against his mortar units this turn, utilizing the Finnish companies that you now see marked with skulls. I managed to pick off one mortar unit, sending it to the dead pool (the only Russian unit currently in the dead pool). My other raid against the other mortar unit failed miserably and I ended up at reduced strength. Then, at the end of the night turn when both players check for losses due to sub-zero weather conditions, I took another loss and was eliminated to the dead pool.

All Russian stacks not under bonfire markers will now check for losses from sub-zero weather. The Finns are better adapted to the conditions (and carry portable camp stoves) so only have to check if they conducted a combat or raid during the night turn (as indicated by those Finns marked with a skull).
- Mark