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Allemagne 1813
Jours de Gloire Campagne Series Game on the 1813 Campaigns from L├╝tzen to Leipzig
Almeida & Bussaco 1810

Jours de Gloire Series Game covering battles of Almeida, Bussaco, and Coimbra - Ziplock
Austerlitz 1805: Rising Eagles
Hexasim wargame of Napoleon's Triumph at Austerlitz
By Shot, Shock, and Faith
Hexasim grand tactical wargame: 5 Battles of the French Wars of Religion, 1562-1598
Kawanakajima 1561
Hexasim tactical game on the battle of Kawanakajima
Liberty Roads
Hexasim game on the campaign in France, June '44 to March '45
Marne 1918
Hexasim game on the Marne campaign from May to July, 1918
Napoleon Against Europe, 2nd Ed. Update Kit
2nd Ed. Update Kit for Napoleon Against Europe
Napoleon Against Europe, 2nd Edition
2nd Edition of Hexasim's Strategic-level Napoleonic Wars game
Roundhammer 1943
Ziplock Expansion to Hexasim's Liberty Roads
Spartacus Imperator
Fast-playing strategy game in which you are Spartacus. Can you found a kingdom forged with former slaves to challenge the might of Rome?
Hexasim wargame of Tactical Battles during Japan's Sengoku Jidai
Victory Roads
Hexasim's East Front battle game, 1944-45 (boxed)
Waterloo 1815: Fallen Eagles
 Hexasim's Waterloo game (boxed)