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C3i Magazine Issue #14

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Because this issue is out of stock, we will reproduce it here in near-entirety.


CLOSE-UP FEATURE: "Triumph & Glory" Why Castiglione?
  • This scenario aptly illustrates Napoleonic tactics and the need for a cohesive plan of action in the game of "Triumph & Glory".
    By Rick D. Stuart
  • La loi du plus fort: Castiglione
  • This game battle report puts theory to the test in the Castiglione scenario of "Triumph & Glory".
    By Alexander Ashton and Frédéric Bey
  • "Lonato: July 31st-August 4th 1796"
  • This C3i SPECIAL GAME INSERT MODULE provides the rules and scenarios for using the insert mapsheet and counters for use in "Triumph & Glory".
    By Frédéric Bey
    [NOTE: Here is the Terrain Effects Chart.]
  • A Primer for "Simple GBoH"
  • How to get started with Simple Great Battles of History
    By Steven A. Carey
  • GBoH Timeline of the Mediterranean
  • The timeline of events in Great Battles of History.
    By Stephen Jackson
  • Pyrrhus in Sicily
  • Epirus versus Carthage, 278-275 BC -"SPQR" and "War Galley" Scenarios.
    By Dan Fournie
  • Overshadowed by a Phrase: Pyrrhus
    By David W. Tschanz
    Operation Southern Watch
  • "Hornet Leader" Variant.
    By Dave Schueler
  • The Army without a General
  • "Caesar: The Civil War" Scenarios for Sicoris and Ilerda. By Stephen Jackson
  • A Central Powers Victory in the Basic Scenario
  • The Von Hulston Plan for "Paths of Glory".
    By Robert Hulston
  • Variant Rules "Battle Line"
    By Robert Hulston
    "Army Group South"
    By Henry C. Robinette
    Down in Flames Campaign and Extras Netherlands East Indies
    By Roger Horky
    Agile Aircraft
    By Dan Verssen & Chris Robinson

    C3i, Nr. 14 Insert Contents

    • "Lonato-Castiglione, 1796" Mapsheet (22x17 inch) for Triumph & Glory Module
    • "Lonato-Castiglione, 1796" Countersheet (140 total) for Triumph & Glory Module
    • 16 new Aircraft Cards for the Down in Flames Module: "The Netherlands East Indies" including the Japanese F1M2 Floatplane Fighter
    • Down in Flames Campaign Sheet -- "The Netherlands East Indies" (side 1)/ "Java" (side 2)
    • Down in Flames Netherlands East Indies/Java Campaign Log and Target Sheet for "CVL/Light Carrier" Target (side 1)/ "Airfield & Ground Forces" for Luftwaffe/8th Air Force (side 2)
    • "Bridge & Supply Depot" (side 1)/ "Railyard & Cruiser" (side 2) for Luftwaffe/8th Air Force
    • "The British 1st Airborne Variant" for June 6 (two sides)