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C3i Magazine → C3i Magazine Issue #13

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C3i Magazine Issue #13

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26 CLOSE-UP FEATURE: Capital Offense
  • PDF The game's designer discusses aspects of the new edition and the impact on the Eastern Theater of Operations in For The People
    By Mark Herman
  • 29 April 1861 Scenario
  • PDF For those people, who in the course of human events, desire to depart from history or recreate the war from the first shot.
    By Mark Herman
  • 5 How to "Raab" the French of a Victory
  • PDF Austrian survival in Triumph & Glory.
    By Jeff Boschman
  • 13 Experten of the Luftwaffe, Part I
  • PDF German aces and their availability in Down in Flames.
    By Chris Robinson
  • 19 Trading in Your Hornets for Falcons
  • PDFConverting Hornet Leader into Falcon Leader.
    By David Schueler
  • 31 Philip the Great
  • PDF The rise of Alexander's father. Scenarios for Alexander.
    By Stephen Jackson
  • 35 Tarentum and the Battle of Sapripotus, 210 BC
  • PDF From treachery to triumph to treachery. Plus a War Galley Scenario.
    By Dan Fournie

  • GMT 10th Anniversary Special

    15 Down in Flames Contest Winners
    24 GBoH Series Centerfold
    By Rodger B. MacGowan
    42 Comprehensive Index to C3i Magazine's Articles
  • Covering Issues Numbers 1-12 and the SPQR Player's Guide.
    By Stuart K. Tucker, Fen Yan, and James Urban

  • Player's Notes

    7 PDF Cherbourg in June 6
    By Kevin Reid
    10 PDF PoGmania for Beginners
    By Andy Daglish
    39 PDF Ukraine '43, Scenario 4 Notes
    By Lew Ritter

    DiF Variants, Corrections

    22 Revised Swordfish Cards
    By Chris Janiec
    23 The Problem with the Gustav
    By Toby Pilling

    C3i, Nr. 13 Insert Contents

    • C3i countersheet (140 - 1/2 " counters)
    • Three Falcon Leader module sheets
    • Five Fleet Record Sheets for War Galley
    2 From the Editor's Desk
    By Rodger M. MacGowan
    3 Inside GMT
    By Gene Billingsley
    4 Convention Schedule
    40 Rule Clarifications