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Games by Historical PeriodWorld War II (1935-1945) → Holland '44: Operation Market-Garden

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Holland '44: Operation Market-Garden

Banner designs by Rachel Billingsley


Note: Unless otherwise noted, all samples below are from playtest graphics, not final game art. GMT Games claims no copyright on these images.

  • Playtest Countersheet 1
  • Playtest Countersheet 2
  • Playtest Map


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    1. Peter on 11/11/2016, said:

    Excited to both try this system and to finally add a Market-Garden game to my collection. My only comment is that the light blue margin on the east edge of the play-test map makes me think it's a coast line, which it obviously isn't. Perhaps a different color?
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    Holland '44 is a two-player game depicting the Allies’ combined ground and airborne attack in the Netherlands during WWII, which was code named Operation Market-Garden.

    The game starts with the airborne landings on September 17th and continues until September 23rd. The Allied player must rush his ground forces forward as fast as possible to relieve his beleaguered airborne divisions and capture a bridge across the Rhine.

    Each day has three turns—two daylight turns representing 6 hours each and one night turn representing 12 hours. The total length of the game is 20 turns. A short scenario covering the first critical 10 turns is included.

    The scale of the map is 2 kilometers per hex and covers the battlefield from the Belgium border to Arnhem. The map also includes the area where the British 8th Corps fought on the right flank of 30th Corps.

    Most units in Holland ‘44 are battalions, but some company size units are included.

    Holland '44 uses a system very similar to Ardennes ‘44. It is basically a simple move-fight, I-go then u-go game. If you have played Ardennes ‘44 or Normandy ‘44 you will have no trouble learning the game. Rules such as ZOC Bonds, Determined Defense, Extended Movement, and Traffic Markers all make their reappearance. Due to the terrain of the Netherlands, special attention was given to river crossings, bridge building, and fighting in the flat polder terrain.

    Some screen shots of the first turn of the game showing the situation after Allied movement and combat.


    • one 22 x 34 map
    • one 8.5 x 22 map extension
    • Two full sheets of counters
    • one 32 to 40 page rule booklet
    • Two identical Player aid cards
    • One German Setup Card 
    • One Allied Setup Card 
    • Two d/6 dice


    Game Design: Mark Simonitch

    Developer: Ivano Rosa