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2012 Releases → Pax Baltica

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Pax Baltica

Note: All samples below are from the original 3CG version, not final GMT game art. GMT Games claims no copyright on these images. COMPONENTS

  • 72 Wooden blocks
  • 22x34 inch full-color map
  • 57 Wooden cubes
  • 1 sticker sheet
  • Rulebook
  • Playbook
  • Player Aid Card
  • 8 Dice

DESIGN: Stefan Ekström and Göran Björkman
DEVELOPER: Scott Muldoon
ART DIRECTOR: Rodger B. MacGowan
MAP & STICKER ART: Charles Kibler
PACKAGE ART: Rodger B. MacGowan
PRODUCERS: Andy Lewis, Gene Billingsley, Mark Simonitch, Rodger MacGowan, & Tony Curtis

Price: $55.00 

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1. Björn on 8/16/2013, said:

Good game with easy to understand mechanics.
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2. Robert on 6/23/2013, said:

This is a well done, and very playable, wargame of a war that has seldom been covered. It is extremely well done. Not too many units, easily understood rules, but requires some real thought to play well.
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3. David on 1/15/2013, said:

Rating based on two plays - the first scenario (1707-1710) and the full campaign (which ended in 1703 when my opponent conceded.) Excellent physical components and game system. Highly recommended to anyone interested in the topic or who enjoys block games. Only complaint regards the ability of superior quality units to wipe out their opponents without suffering any casualties whatsoever. Historically, there were several extremely lopsided victories, but most involved what ought to be represented by at least a single step loss to the victor.
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4. Carl on 12/18/2012, said:

I resisted ordering this game for years, as the subject matter was a bit esoteric and don't like block games that much. But yesterday I took the time to read the rules and re-check the components: This is now a must buy ! :-)
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5. Leonid on 1/26/2011, said:

I like the subject and heard good things about the game but the map is a big turn off for me. It feels computer generated with ugly pastel colors. Extremely bland. It doesn't have any historical, early 18th century, feel to it. I hope GMT will change it.
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6. Francis on 11/8/2010, said:

Block game newbie Honestly this game was barely on my radar until the Ventrilo/Vassal Demo. Very well done demo and has peaked my interest will be watching this one closely.
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7. Magnus on 6/28/2010, said:

A really impressive, well worked game by the original designers and Scott on a subject harly covered before.
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Showing comments 1-7 of 7

Early in 2009, Three Crowns Game Productions of Sweden produced a limited print run of Pax Baltica, The game was very well recieved by the market (see reviews on BGG below) and quickly sold out the initial print run. Because we all want to see this excellent game reprinted and made available to a broader group of gamers, Designers Stefan Ekström and Göran Björkman and GMT Games have agreed to create a GMT version of Pax Baltica.
Three Kings conspire to once and for all break the Swedish dominance in the Baltic. Charles the XII of Sweden decides to attack and soon the Alliance against him begins to crack. A 21 year long bitter war has just begun which eventually ends an empire and sees another one rising…
Pax Baltica™ is a Grand Strategy Game covering the entire Great Northern War and recreates the intriguing conflict that is often considered a side-show of the War of Spanish succession. Yet the conflict probably have had greater impact on Europe’s political, cultural and social developments than the latter.

Pax Baltica™ is probably the first board game ever covering the entire Great Northern War. The game includes five different scenarios with varying playing-time of two to eight hours depending on scenario. The units in the game are high quality colored wooden blocks which give great flexibility for game play and limited intelligence. The four-color map is divided into provinces which you have to conquer in order to take control over a country and to eventually defeat the enemy. This dynamic conflict covers large parts of northern and eastern Europe. From Bremen in the West, to Smolensk in the East. From Trondheim in the North, to Bender in the South. Playable nations are Sweden, Russia, Turkey, Denmark and Saxony.

As leader of one of the great nations involved – Take command and lead your empire to victory!

Game Features

MAP SCALE Area Movement
UNIT SCALE Armies, regiments, and fleets; 1 stength step = approx. 1500 troops or 6-8 fighting ships
PLAYING TIME 1-2 hours per scenario
7-14 hours for campaign