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Non-Series Games → Triumph and Fall of the Desert Fox

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Triumph and Fall of the Desert Fox

  • 280 full-color die-cut counters
  • 5 full color maps (10.8"x22.3"; 12.9"x18.8"; 19.3"x9"; 20.4"x12.7"; 11.8"x11.2")
  • 31-page Rulebook (includes Basic and Advanced Rules and Scenarios)
  • Quickstart card
  • One Player Aid cards
  • One Replacement Chart

  • PUBLISHED 1998
    DESIGNER Udo Grebe
    DEVELOPERS Andreas Bertram and Dirk Blech
    ART DIRECTOR Udo Grebe
    COUNTER DESIGN Beth Queman

    Price: $13.00 

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    Triumph & Fall... consists of only a few rules and serves as an easy introduction to the Empires of the Apocalypse system. A two pagee, graphics supported Quick Start Card contains all rules necessary to start the game.

    All parts of the series can easily be combined into a real MEGA game of World War II.


    Campaign Game, Nov 1940
    November, 1940: Italy has assaulted Egypt in Sep 1940 but stopped this advance at Sidi Barani. The British gather their forces for a cunning counterattack. Will they achieve a decisive victory before Rommel interferes with his DAK? Or will there be a vigorous battle until 1943?
    Battleaxe, June 1941
    The German DAK has counterattacked the British offensive and brought war to the doorsteps of Egypt. But, behind its back, a strong Allied garrison inside the fortress of Tobruk threatens the German supplies. Will the British "Battleaxe" crush the German lines and free the defenders of Tobruk?
    Crusader, Nov 1941
    The DAK has successfully defended itself against "Battleaxe." But now supplies grow short and the British grow stronger every day...
    Gazala, May 1942
    The British 8th Army has established the strong Gazala Line, equipped with a clever "in depth" defense system. Will the Axis forces overcome the British and start their run on Alexandria?
    El Alamein, Oct 1942
    Axis run on Alexandria. With Bernhard Montgomery, a general took command who was able to use the materially superior British forces effectively. In his footsteps, will you succeed in defeating the Desert Fox, a task all other British generals before proved unable to meet?
    Also, belonging to the "Torch" scenario: While the DAK and British Army are involved in a fierce battle, the Allies land in both Morocco and Algeria opening a second front in Rommel's back.
    The East African Expansion
    Uses a smaller map scale for the Anglo/Italian struggle in East Africa which can be combined with the Campaign Game.


    Game Features

    TIME SCALE 1 month per turn
    MAP SCALE 25 miles per hex
    • detailed land and air warfare
    • rules for tank battles, simulating deep penetrations of armoured formations
    • "Blitzkrieg" rules, incorporating the combination of tank and air formations
    • flexible defense with both HQs and reserves