Silver Bayonet: Advanced Game Solitaire Suggestions

  1. Don't use the hidden movement counters. All NVA units are placed in full view on the map.
  2. Don't use Observation helicopters or patrol rules.
  3. Skip both observation and concealment phases in each player-tum.
  4. NVA units may be attacked by maneuver and assault combat normally. Only NVA units that are within two hexes of friendly (US, ARVN, or CIDG) units may be bombarded.
  5. Increase the NVA replacements in scenarios 8,9,1 l,and 12 to 2 points per game-tum.
  6. Draw three automatic victory chits for each side at the end of every game-tum. If one side currently meets ALL objectives, that side wins and the game ends. If neither side, or BOTH sides meet ALL conditions, play continues.
Basically, these suggestions allow the advanced game to be "FUN" when played solitaire. You'll miss a little of the suspense, and a fair amount of realism, but you'll gain a playable solitaire GAME that should be a different experience each time you play. We hope you like it.

Silver Bayonet Scenario 13: Assault on Doc Co

During July and August of 1965, the NVA 32nd Regiment made several major attacks against the Doc Co Special Forces Camp. The camped was manned by a handful of American Special Forces troops, nearly four hundred Montagnards and Nuongs of the local CIDG, and two companies of ARVN elite troops. This scenario is a Basic Game scenario, representing four days of fighting.

Game Length: 4 Turns
NVA is the first player

ARVN (Set up first):
Doc Co (Hex 1614): 2 x CIDG, 2 x ARVN Special Forces

Thanh Binh (Hex 2812): 1/42 Mech

ARVN Air Points: 10 on GT 1. 15 on GT 2.
20 on GTs 3 and 4.

Within 3 hexes of Doc Co: All units of 635/32 and 996/32, A/32 Artillery and B/32 Artillery



GT 2:

At Thanh Binh (Hex 2812): 2/42 Mech

At LZ Falcon (Hex 1312), Plei Mok Den (Hex 10 1 7), or Plei Loung (Hex 2116): 2/1 & 2/2 AB

GT 3:

At Thanh Binh (Hex 2812): 3/42 Mech

At LZ Falcon (Hex 1312), Plei Mok Den (Hex 1017), or Plei Loung (Hex 2116): DELTA

NVA: None

Special Rules
Players may remove fatigue markers from fatigued units that are not adjacent to an enemy unit during the NVA Initial Phase of GT 3.


Both sides earn victory points for destroying enemy steps and for occupying Doc Co (1614) at the end of the game, as follows:

2 points per enemy step eliminated 5 points for occupying Doc Co.

The player with the most points wins. Any other result is a draw.

Silver Bayonet Scenario #14: Battle for the Villages

Game Length: 7 Turns
The US/ARVN is the first player


NVA (Set up first):

All NVA and VC combat units except the 20th Artillery Battalion (which is not used in this scenario) are available at start. They are placed as follows:

The Tea Plantation (hex 3310): B,C,D of VC H15, LF VC Art.

Hex 3309: A/H 15, 1 x LFVC Hex 3311: I x LFVC Hex 3410: 1 x LFVC

Each of the nine village hexes are controlled by a battalion of NVA troops. Each village is set-up as follows:

In village hex: Companies C and D and I Divisional Art. Adjacent to the village hex in best terrain: Companies A & B

The units and their villages are:
996/32: Plei Gong (2421)
334/32 Plei Ngoc (3017)
365/32: Plei Loung (2116)
1/33: Thanh Binh (2812)
2/33: Plei Dan Ngoi (2308)
3/33: Plei Pan Lan (1508)
7/66: Plei Ya Krel (0715)
8/66: Plei Mok Den (1017)
9/66 Plei Ya Tong (1519)

After all units are set up, take 6 hidden unit markers from the countermix, and turn them to their blank side (they'll be used as dummies). Then take the three HQ units and the Hospital unit, and turn them to their back sides. Randomly pick units from this pile of 10, and place them, blank side up, one per village (and Tea Plantation) hex. These units will have no combat value, no movement capacity, and may not retreat. If a US/ARVN unit destroys ail other units occupying a village or plantation hex, then the "blank counter" is captured. In this way, the player will occasionally capture HQs and the Hospital. He receives a victory level bonus if he captures enough "real" HQ or Hospital units.

US/ARVN (Set up second):

Doc Co (hex 1614): 1 x CIDG
Plei Mei (hex 3228): 1 x CIDG
1st Cav HQ (hex 3702):D/ I /9
Old Pleiku (hex 3803): 1/42, 2/42, 4/42 ARVN mechanized

All other US and ARVN ground units (Yes, the whole countermix!) begin the game in the Pleiku "Ready" box on the US Player Aid Card.

All helicopter units (except the 1/9 OBS helicopters) begin in the ready boxes of the US helicopter display. OBS helicopters are not used in this scenario.

Air.Points:30 on GT 1. Roll on the Air Points Table on GTs 2-7.

Reinforcements / Replacements:
There are no reinforcements/replacements in this scenario.

Special Rules:

  1. Because of the refugee traffic on the roads, road movement is more difficult. C/M units pay I movement point per road hex, while all other units pay 2 movement points per road hex.
  2. Tea Plantation and village hexes have been fortified by the NVA. All nine occupied village hexes and the Tea Plantation hex have a terrain defense value of 3 instead of 2. Also, NVA and/or VC units defending in such a fortified hex may ignore retreat results on the Maneuver Combat Table. Both of these special characteristics of fortified hexes last until a US/ARVN unit first occupies a fortified hex. The hexes then return to normal in all respects.
  3. The special solitaire rules are used, so both the Observation and Concealment phases of each player-turn are skipped. No concealment counters are used in this scenario; all NVA/VC units are placed on the game map.
  4. NVA movement and combat: Because this is a solitaire scenario, certain parameters must be established for NVA movement and combat. They are as follows:
    1. NVA/VC units never move, retreat, or refuse combat from a village hex. They fight to the last man. If stacking permits, the highest efficiency unit adjacent to an attacking village hex will attempt to react into the village.
    2. NVA/VC units not in a village hex during their movement phase will move as quickly as possible to the nearest friendly occupied village hex. If stacking permits, they will stack in the village hex. Otherwise, they will stop adjacent to the village.
    3. An NVA/VC unit in a village hex will only attack out of that hex by maneuver combat when it can achieve a 4-1 attack(s) against a hex (before reaction movement and modifiers). The unit will not advance after combat. Units in villages will never assault out of the village hex.
    4. NVA/VC units not in village hexes will attack by maneuver combat any time they can achieve 4-1 odds. They will advance after combat. These units will assault anytime their attack factors outnumber the defending factors by 2-1.
    5. NVA/VC artillery will bombard any unit in terrain with a defense value of 1 or 2. They will support (offensively or defensively) any combat within range, and will fire defensive bombardment in support of any unit within range.
    6. NVA units always attempt Air Defense Fire when eligible to do so.

The US/ARVN player is judged by the number of village hexes (including the Tea Plantation) that his forces physically occupy at the end of game-tum 7. Victory levels are as follows:

9-10 hexes occupied: Decisive Victory
7-8 hexes: Substantial Victory
6 hexes: Marginal Victory
4-5 hexes: Marginal Defeat
2-3 hexes: Substantial Defeat
0-1 hexes: Decisive Defeat

The player receives a victory level bonus in his favor for capturing the NVA HQs and hospital units, as follows:

1 level of victory if at least 2 units are captured.
2 levels of victory if all 4 units are captured.

The player loses 1 victory level if 15 or more steps of US/ ARVN ground units are destroyed during the game.
The player loses 2 victory levels if 25 or more steps are destroyed.