CoP Game Situation

ILLUSTRATION: (Note that these images are playtest samples, NOT final game art.)
Red and Blue are expanding their empires, and have touched at the close-up of four hexes pictured here. Red has built a village on Rarotonga, and has built the intensive agriculture necessary to build another village there. He has moved a warrior to the island group to help defend it. Hawaii has also been recently colonized, with only two villages built there- so far. Red has moved a war canoe into place to help defend Hawaii.

On both island chains, we don't know what is stacked under the top counters- more warriors, or helpless colonists? Blue is wondering how well these islands are defended. Meanwhile, Red has moved a transport canoe to Midway Island. This gives Red some control over the place, but Blue could send a war canoe to chase away the Red transport at any time. Although Midway can not support any villages, it is of some value if controlled at the end of the game.

After his explorer had found it, Blue has just revealed Rapa Nui. He sent a colonist on the transport canoe (that is still there). The colonist has just converted to Rapa Nui's first village. Blue's transport feels rather lonely by himself next to Red's war canoe. But Blue is also holding several Arts & Culture cards. Some cards help their owner in combat, and one card can even stop an attack cold in its tracks. But could one of those cards be the giant Moai statues, which are even more valuable when you control Rapa Nui? Maybe Red should attack...