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Kahuna Healing

Today we look at Kahuna Healing.

Huna is an ancient Polynesian system of knowledge, healing, and power. The core of this teaching has been carried on from generation to generation in Polynesia by shamans known as kahuna, or "keepers of the secret." Kahu = keeper, Huna = the secret. Literally translated, the Hawaiian word Huna means "the Secret" or "secret knowledge." Not secret in the sense that there is an intent to keep the knowledge from others, but secret in the sense that the knowledge is esoteric and has been overlooked or hidden from view.

Kahuna healing is a holistic approach to medicine; it includes many techniques for healing. There is herbal medicine (in Hawaiian, la'au lapa'au), massage (lomilomi), pule (prayer), forgiveness of others and self (ho'oponopono) and living one's life in balance and alignment (pono).

Perhaps the most well known ingredient of the herbal component of kahuna healing is kavakava, or simply kava. Its scientific name is piper methysticum, and it is related to the black pepper plant. It is a cultivated shrub, a hardy perennial which often grows eight feet tall. It produces a brew that is slightly bitter, slightly soapy, aromatic and resinous; it’s capable of inducing tranquility and ultimate somnolence.

The traditional way of preparing kava was to gnaw away a mouthful of the root, then spit into a large wooden bowl. The chewing of the kava should be performed by children or by a young woman (preferably a virgin). The ceremony, as conducted in Samoa, “required the girl who chewed and infused the kava to sit cross-legged and bare-breasted on a mat behind the kava bowl, with flowers carefully arranged in her hair and her hips swathed in a grass skirt”. The alkaline saliva of the mouth, with its salivary enzymes, promotes the extraction of the active ingredients in the root.

In game terms, the player who holds the Kahuna Healing card gains one Victory Point for the advanced healing techniques that his people enjoy. In addition, once during the game, the player may reveal this card to "save" one of his Warriors that has suffered a "removed" result in battle. It doesn't help you win the combat, but it saves your warriors to fight another day.

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