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Britain Stands Alone Big Ben
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The time is late summer 1940. Along the length of France's English Channel coast, refitted units of the German Wehrmacht clog the Channel ports, preparing to execute Hitler's Operation Sea Lion, the long-awaited invasion of England. Though woefully short of transports for the crossing, Germany's soldiers, recent victors in the six-week Blitzkrieg that conquered France and drove Britain's Expeditionary Forces into the sea, are confident that final victory is near.

The British Army, having left much of their heavy equipment on the beaches at Dunkirk, and badly disorganized from the mauling taken in France, would seem to be no match for the vaunted Wehrmacht. the ever-dependable Luftwaffe, though depleted by the savage air battles taking place over Southern England, has at last won air superiority over the island. With the Royal Air Force crippled, Hitler's final prerequisite for invasion has been met, and the final attack order is given.

Britain Stands Alone allows players to fight one of the most intriguing "what-ifs" of the Second World War. The game explores the hypothetical possibilities of Operation Sea Lion, assuming that the Luftwaffe had succeeded in winning air superiority, and then gone on to inflict serious losses upon the Royal Navy. Given these circumstances, could the Third Reich have won WWII in the fall of 1940? Play Britain Stands Alone and see for yourself.

Game Components

480 full-color two-sided counters.
One 22x34" full-color mapsheet

One 22x17" full-color display
  • One 10-sided die
  • 32-page Rule Book
  • 16-page Play Book
  • Player Aid Cards: Terrain Effects and Combat Results Card. Air Naval Combat Display and Historical Variants Card

Game Features

  • Integrated air-sea movement and interception capabilities which keep both players involved throughout each turn.
  • Elegant combat system which resolves combined arms combats quickly and easily.
  • Rules for Brandenburgers, Churchill, the Royal Family, and other detail add just the right amount of period flavor without bogging down play.
  • Additional Campaign which allows players to being the game by fighting the Battle of Britain, adjusting the invasion possibilities based on the outcome of the air battle.
TIME SCALE 3 days per turn
MAP SCALE 10 miles per hex
UNIT SCALE Division/Brigade; single ships and naval points; air unit squadrons

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