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Hi guys!


There's a ton of new info in this month's update, much of it in this column. Please DO be sure to check out the rest of the update for Charging and Shipping and Production info, and especially the New P500s section, as we have three cool new games coming to P500 today. But for now....


Introducing...the InsideGMT blog!


Let's talk about giving you guys access to a new resource - one that will allow you to see deeper into the world of our GMT design teams, provide more in-depth information and communications opportunities than our social media accounts allow, and deliver to you a more dynamic source of ongoing GMT game information!

As of today, we are launching the InsideGMT blog! Instead of writing a bunch of hype about what this is and how much you'll like it, I just want to invite you to come see what we have created so far. We've been adding content for a few days now, so you can get a sense of what you're going to see over time. We're starting pretty basic and are not going to over commit ourselves to delivering x number of articles per day, etc. But over time our goal is to have all of our design teams involved, which will allow us to use InsideGMT to consistently give you guys WAY more information and access to our designs and design teams than ever before. 


So head over to to check out the articles, leave us your comments, and tell us what else you'd like to see us do to make the new InsideGMT blog even better!



Check Out Our Instagram For Info On Not-Yet-Released Games

The InsideGMT blog is designed to deliver a mix of textual and graphical information in a streamlined blog format. I just want to remind you guys that we are now using Instagram sort of "hand-in-glove" with our blog and our other social media sites. Instagram is a great platform for pictures, so we are using it to provide visual sneak peeks of games on P500 and quite a few "not-yet-ready-for-P500" games.


So, for those of you who want to see pictures showing "the latest" designs the dev teams are working on, and get more frequent visual updates on how games in the Design and Development pipeline are progressing, come follow us on our GMT Instagram and we'll give you a peek "under the hood" at games in development!  


Also, for you design and development team members who'd like to share playtest info, new art, replays, "how this game works" info, etc - just drop me a note or a link to [email protected] and I'll make sure your sneak peeks make it to either the InsideGMT blog or our GMT Instagram page. Thanks!



Twilight Struggle Kickstarter Progress


Amazing! You guys REALLY gave our Twilight Struggle Kickstarter campaign fantastic support, helping us raise over 700% of our goal! Thank you so much!


So where are we now? Well, the funding just hit a little over a week ago, so we're now able to move ahead as those funds move into the operational budgets of Playdek (and GMT, in terms of the Collector's Edition.) The next thing you guys will see will be a survey going out very soon to all the Kickstarter backers, wherein we will make sure we have the addresses and detailed order information from each backer. 


Because this is our first time doing a Kickstarter, we have been working very carefully to make sure all of your concerns and issues will be addressed with the survey, and to make sure that we don't forget anything. It's taken a while for us to get this all put together, but I think now everyone is organized and moving forward, and it looks like both Playdek and our CE production folks have everything they need to get started. Thank you all for your patience during this "Prep Fire Phase" of the project!


Before I end this section , I want to mention that we have listened to you guys' requests about possibly doing a double-sided mounted map in the CE. That is now our plan. One side will be the traditional map from the Deluxe Edition. The other will be something brand new from the same artist who does the maps for our COIN series games, Chechu Nieto. We think you guys will like that one a LOT. So your CE just got a little cooler. Now you'll get both maps on a double-sided board in the Collector's Edition. Enjoy!


Production Queue Deconflicting


You guys will notice some pretty big changes in our late 2014 and early 2015 production queue. Here's what's happening with that:


You guys bought too many games! (I Never, EVER thought I'd say that! :-) )


We're happy for all the sales and glad you guys love the games, but we find ourselves in a tough situation, with really a LOT of our core games now sold out and out of stock. So we have prioritized Reprints to get a bunch of those games back in stock late this year (maybe early next year in a few cases, just depending on the printers). 


To do that, we've had to push some of our new games back a few months on the schedule. We hate to do that, but we can only do so much, so we want to recognize our limitations and do a quality job with fewer games so we don't get rushed and mess something up.


So, you'll see that we are reprinting pretty much EVERYTHING that is out of stock in the two Commands & Colors series lines, as well as FIVE of our Core Card Driven games. We'll still get plenty of new games out to you this year as well - just not as many as we'd planned before we realized we really need to slot those reprints now.




We're Removing Fury and Title Chase Basketball from the P500 List

Sometimes really good games just don't get enough support on P500 to Make the Cut. That is the case with these two games from one of our favorite designers, Jeff Horger (designer of Manoeuvre and Thunder Alley). Both games have been on our list for a long time, but just aren't gaining traction with our customers.


So, with some sadness, we've agreed with Jeff that it's time to give him back the publishing rights to both games so that he can pursue other avenues to get these games - which I still think are really good games - published.


Both games will be removed from the P500 list as of today. Once we know from Jeff what his publishing plans for these games are, we will include that information in a future update so you guys who want the games can support Jeff by ordering them from another publisher.


We're Charging and Shipping Soon for Four Mounted Maps 

For you guys who have been waiting to get mounted maps, the wait is almost over. We printed four mounted maps recently and they are scheduled to arrive in the same shipment with Fire in the Lake in a couple of weeks. 

So, on Wednesday, July 30, we will charge for the following four mounted maps:

We'll ship all four at along with the August 10 shipments of the 1914 Glory's End/When Eagles Fight 2-PackFire in the Lake, and Won by the Sword.
Retail Price Increase on The Hunters 2nd Edition from ConsimPress

John Kranz has let us know that increased print costs necessitate a retail price increase on The Hunters, 2nd Edition, from $40 to $45 retail. There will NOT be an increase in the P500 price, however. Those of you with P500 orders are still going to get the game at the $28 P500 price - almost a 40% discount! 

Reminder: Our Counter Trays are Back in Stock


Just a reminder that we got a big shipment of counter trays earlier this summer, so they are now available, while they last. Here's the link for ordering:

GMT Counter Trays



Fall GMT Weekend at the Warehouse will be held October 16-19


Come join us this Fall for 3-4 days of gaming fun at the GMT Warehouse. At the last Weekend at the Warehouse in April we had about 80 participants and had a blast!


To sign up for the event (registration is $25 which we don't charge until the start of the event), contact our office ladies via phone, online chat, or e-mail to reserve your spot.


Phone 559-583-1236

Chat: (click the chat icon in upper right corner of page)

e-mail: [email protected]


Please call and reserve hotel rooms as soon as possible. The nice folks at the Sequoia Inn have rooms blocked for us at corporate rates. You can of course make other lodging reservations - we just use the Sequoia Inn because they are the closest to our warehouse and because they have taken care of our guests now for about ten years. If you choose the Sequoia Inn, make sure you tell them you want the "Billingsley Group" rate. The hotel phone is 559-582-0339.


We hope to see many of you in October!




That's it for the news bytes for this time. Here's what you'll find in the rest of today's update:


- Charge and Shipping Update

- Updated Production Outlook

- New P500 Additions!

- Reprints

- Website File Additions


Thanks, as always, for your support of GMT!


Enjoy the games!





Charging and Shipping Schedule


Shipping: We have now finished shipping all P500 copies of  Panzer Expansion #3: Drive to the Rhine. Our next shipments will begin in about two weeks for the following games/items:


Charging:  We will begin charging for the four Mounted Maps listed above on Wednesday, July 30. Please make sure your credit card info is current in your file before then. And if you use the "Pay by Check" option for your P500 orders, please send your check by the charge date above. Thanks!


Tentative Production  Schedule


Here's what our current Tentative Production Schedule looks like:


August 10


Blue Cross, White Ensign 
Great Battles of Alexander (Expanded Dlx Ed.)  

The Hunters (2nd Printing - ConsimPress) 

New P500 Additions!


We're adding three new games to the P500 list this time: 

Click on the image below or the link above to get to the P500 page for more info, and please add these to your P500 order list today!

Gallipoli, 1915

 Grand Prix


Recent P500 Additions:  

 The U.S. Civil War: 734 Orders to Date(!)  
Wing Leader: Victories 1940-1942 : 451 Orders to Date  
WBC: The Boardgame: 112 Orders to Date  

At Any Cost: Metz 1870: 342 Orders to Date

Illusions of Glory: 427 Orders to Date
MBT: 462 Orders to Date  MBT: FRG Expansion: 319 Orders to Date  MBT: BAOR Expansion: 315 Orders to Date  Captain's Sea: 218 Orders to Date
Silent Victory (ConsimPress): 879 Orders to Date  Fields of Despair, 1914-1918: 338 Orders to Date
 The Battle of Armageddon: 177 Orders to Date
  Space Empires: Replicators: 634 Orders to Date  Gathering Storm: 417 Orders to Date
Next War: India-Pakistan: 432 Orders to Date
 Clash of Giants Civil War: 494 Orders to Date
No Retreat: French & Polish: 413 Orders to Date  No Retreat: Italian Front: 437 Orders to Date

Twin Peaks: 560 Orders to Date
Rising Glory: 471 Orders to Date
Eagle of Lille- 460 Orders to Date
  Talon: - 616 Orders to Date
Fire in the Lake - 1,997 Orders to Date
Enemy Coast Ahead:  623 Orders to Date
Current P500 Focus: Games that have been on the list for a while - with 400-499 orders - that could use a push to get them over the 500 mark and onto our printing schedule.  
Golan '73: (446 Orders)  
Bear's Claw: (Consim Press) (421 Orders)  
 Norway 1940: (440 Orders)
Wellington in India: (431 Orders)
Rising Glory: (471 Orders)


Reprint Tracking

We continue to save funds whenever we can so that we can reprint a few of our out of stock games as necessary and as funds allow. 


Here's the current status of the games on our P500 reprint list. Please help us determine what to print by pre-ordering any of these that interest you (you can click on the name link below to go to the P500 reprint page). Thanks for your help. Here's the current P500 Reprint list - with current order totals and a +/- order growth since last month:


C&C Ancients Exp 2 & 3  - 753 Orders (+21)

Fields of Fire - 2nd Ed. - 674 Orders (+18) 

Ukraine '43 - 614 Orders (+27)
Great Battles of Alex Dlx. - 603 Orders (+6)  

Pax Romana 2nd Ed - 603 Orders (+8) 

 Empire of the Sun - 477 Orders (+26)
Barbarossa: AGN - 465 Orders (-2)

For the People - 375 Orders (+7)  

Paths of Glory - 350 Orders (+6)   

Cataphract - 336 Orders (-2) 

Barbarossa: AGS - 322 Orders (-1) 

Diacochoi - 314 Orders (-4)  

This Accursed Civil War - 308 Orders (-2)

Brandywine - 285 Orders (+4) 

Normandy '44 - 262 Orders (+11)

Conq. of Paradise w Mtd. Map - 208 Orders (+10) 

Successors - 203 Orders (+6)  

No Retreat - 198 Orders (+16) 

SPQR Dlx.  - 162 Orders (+7) 

Ardennes '44 - 141 Orders (+7)
Washington's War - 139 Orders (+12)  

A Distant Plain - 128 Orders (+31)
Cuba Libre - 68 Orders (+24) 

Panzer  - 68 Orders (+4)

1914: Twilight in the East - 67 Orders (+4) 

The Battle for Normandy - 63 Orders (+9) 
C & C Ancients Expansion 4 - 48 Orders (+8)

The Spanish Civil War  - 40 Orders (-1) 

C & C Ancients Expansion 6 - 40 Orders (+10)
Red Winter - 39 Orders (+10)  

Infidel - 32 Orders (+2)

The Napoleonic Wars - 32 Orders (+8)   

Combat Commander: Pacific - 30 Orders (+8)  

C & C Napoleonics: Spanish Army - 23 Orders(+6)  

Sekigahara - 15 Orders (+15)

Unhappy King Charles - 14 Orders (+14)
C&C Napoleonics: Russian Army - 11 Orders (+11) 
C&C Ancients - 5 Orders (+5) 


New Game Support Files, Vassal/Cyberboard, and Sneak Peeks


Here are new support files we've added to our website since our last update. Enjoy!


Game Support: 


 P500 Sneak Peeks





Your Friends at GMT Games
Toll Free Order and Support Line: 800-523-6111

E-mail: [email protected]