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Hi guys!


Today's update is a brief one, including one new P500 addition and an update on near-term charging and shipping.


Before I get to that, though, I want to thank you for your participation in our just-ended Fall Sale. It was our second largest response ever, both in terms of total orders and also total revenue. You guys have definitely helped us build some extra reserves for reprinting more games in late 2013 and into 2014. I hope many of you were able to use the great value opportunity of our sale to grab at least a game or two that you've been wanting, and that those games will bring you many hours of enjoyment! 


 1914 Glory's End and When Eagles Fight Now in one Package


As I mentioned last time, we've listened to those of you who have asked us if we'd consider putting these two excellent Ted Raicer designs into one box so you could get a "better bang for your buck" on a two game pack. Tony has looked at the production side and come up with what we think is a really great deal for you! This is now live on our site.


You can now pre-order the 1914 Glory's End/When Eagles Fight 2-pack for $59 ($41 P500 price) + shipping. Considering that each game was a $49/$34 P500 item on its own, that'll get you P500 guys the 2nd game for just $7 more than you'd have paid for one game!!!  

So, for ordering, here's the deal. We just moved all the information for both games into the old When Eagles Fight P500 page. So, if you already had When Eagles Fight on your P500 order list, you're all set for the 2-pack - you don't need to order it again. But if you had 1914: Glory's End on order but not When Eagles Fight, and you want to order the 2-Pack, you WILL need to go order it, as all the 1914: Glory's End orders have been deleted from our system.


I hope you guys enjoy the savings of this deal, and that those of you who have been sitting on the fence will take this opportunity to sign up for this one, and help us get Ted's award-winning games into a new GMT version. Thanks!




That's it for the news bytes for this time. Here's what you'll find in the rest of today's update:


- New P500 Addition!

- Charge and Shipping Update



Thanks, as always, for your support of GMT!


Enjoy the games!




New P500 Addition!


Fans of modern combat and our Next War series, rejoice! We have another Next War series game ready to add to the P500 list. This time the setting is India/Pakistan. Click the banner below to go to the P500 page for more details plus ordering information. Enjoy!
Recent P500 Additions:
 Clash of Giants Civil War: 281 Orders to Date
No Retreat: French & Polish: 201 Orders to Date  

  No Retreat: Italian Front: 208 Orders to Date  

Twin Peaks: 345 Orders to Date  

C3i Issue #27:  2,187 Orders to Date


Rising Glory: 268 Orders to Date
Eagle of Lille- 350 Orders to Date
 Hoplite- 802 Orders to Date
  Talon: - 366 Orders to Date
Fire in the Lake - 1,118 Orders to Date
Enemy Coast Ahead:  437 Orders to Date
Current P500 Focus: Games that have been on the list for a while - with 375-495 orders - that could use a push to get onto the printing schedule:  

Genesis: (455 Orders) 
Triumph & Tragedy: (436 Orders)  
Golan '73: 401 Orders)
Charging and Shipping Schedule


Shipping: Our shipping schedule has been a little mangled due to the delay on getting the boxes for The Dark Valley. Those are still a week or two away at this point, but we do have another shipment coming in later this week that will allow us to ship the following two games starting this Friday, November 15:



We anticipate another P500 shipment probably about ten days after that one with these two games included:


The Dark Valley

The Hunters (Consim Press)


Charging:  We will be charging for C&C Napoleonics: The Austrian Army starting today, Wednesday, Nov. 13. We'd held off the previously announced charge, but now need to make this one quickly so we don't have any hold-ups on the Friday shipments. On Thursday, Nov. 14, we'll charge for The Hunters.
We'll have another update for you guys within a couple weeks to update you on the remainder of this year's charges and P500 shipments.

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