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Hi guys!


The two big items in today's update are details about our Fall Sale and the announcement of four new P500 items and a new issue of C3i Magazine. 

We have full sections below on each of those, plus our usual sections on Charging/Shipping and Production Outlooks. Before we get to those, though, here are some other updates that you should know about:



New Additions to the SPECIALS Page


Today we've added the following SEVEN items to our SPECIALS page, all at significant discounts:


Battles with the Gringos module (Now $10)

Bomber Command (Now $40)

FAB Sicily (Now $35)

Fighting Formations (Now $45)

Night Fighter (Now $35)

Simple GBoH Battle Manual (C3i) (Now $15)

Sun of York (Now $35)


To order or get more info on these, just click on any of the games above to go to their games page - it'll show details, the discounted sale price, and allow you to order, if you wish, from there.


Note, too, that if you buy any of the games on the Specials page as part of the games you are entitled to get at half off during our Fall Sale (see below), you can get them at an ADDITIONAL 50% off the prices listed above, as all items on the Specials page ARE eligible for the Fall Sale! So you can grab some real bargains here! Enjoy!



Triumph & Tragedy Price Decrease


Tony has managed to get us a better deal on the blocks in Craig Besinque's Triumph & Tragedy strategic WWII game, so we are passing the savings on to you guys. This game will now retail for $89 (was $99), with a P500 price of $62. If you already have the game on order on our P500 list, you don't need to do anything - you'll get the lower price automatically whenever we charge for the game.



Status on The Supreme Commander 


Most of you are probably already aware that we had a few production problems with The Supreme Commander. The issues were significant enough, in our eyes, to hold off on shipping any to distributors until we can get an update kit produced that we'll then send out to all the P500 guys and anyone else who bought direct from us right after the game's release. We'll also then upgrade all the copies in our warehouse before we begin shipping to distributors.


I want to extend a big "thank you" to Kevin Bernatz, who has stepped in to help us identify and fix the various issues with the game. He has been a tremendous help to us, and without him, we couldn't have put such a comprehensive update together so quickly.


So when is the update going to be in your hands? I'm not comfortable telling you a date until I know that all the components are shipping from the printers. But I can tell you that everything is now either on its way to the printers or currently being printed, so we are hopeful that we'll see this all back at the warehouse in a month or so. NO PROMISES until I know it's shipping to us - but that's my best estimate today.


Here's what will be included in the update:


- 47 replacement counters

- Replacements for all  Player Aid Cards

- One new full-color Player Aid Card 

- An 11 x 17 rules clarification sheet



We had quite a lot of internal discussion about what to do about the game maps. As many of you pointed out to us, the problems with the maps ARE pretty minor in game terms. But unfortunately, there are an annoying number of them. This was a tough call for us, as the maps and counters cost about $9,000 to reprint in total, but at the end of the day, we decided that if we were in our customers' shoes, we would want new maps. So that's what you're going to get - two brand spanking new CORRECTED maps, so your game will basically be as good as new.


Again, I'd like to personally apologize for the problems with this game. We're going to make sure it's fixed and hope that The Supreme Commander will bring you guys many years of enjoyment.


 Coming Soon - 1914 Glory's End and When Eagles Fight Going into one Package


We've listened to those of you who have asked us if we'd consider putting these two excellent Ted Raicer designs into one box so you could get a "better bang for your buck" on a two game pack. Tony has looked at the production side and come up with what we think is a really great deal for you! This is not live on our site YET - probably not for another week or two - but when it is, you'll be able to get the two pack for $59 ($41 P500 price) + shipping. Considering that each game is $49/$34 P500 item right now, that'll get you P500 guys the 2nd game for just $7 more than you'd have paid for one game!!! I still have to work out exactly how we're going to handle existing orders, and will update you on that when we are ready with the new item. We just wanted you to know that it is in the works.





We've squirreled away sufficient funds to reprint a few of our out of stock games later this year and early in 2014! In addition to the reprints that we've previously announced, you should also see the following items back in stock before the end of 2013:

  • Two additional Combat Commander Battle Packs (#1 - Paratroopers and #2 - Stalingrad) when we produce the SeaLion BP in early December
  • Both  CC:Europe and CC:Mediterranean in December.  
  • Dominant Species in December (this one is not currently out of stock, but our quantities are very low and sales continue to be excellent, so we're going to need more.)


Here's the current status of the games on our P500 reprint list. Please help us determine what to print by pre-ordering any of these that interest you (you can click on the name link below to go to the P500 reprint page). Thanks for your help. Here's the current P500 Reprint list - with current order totals and a +/- order growth since last month:


C&C Ancients Exp 2 & 3  - 573 Orders (+30)

Pax Romana 2nd Ed - 529 Orders (+0)

Fields of Fire - 2nd Ed. - 522 Orders (+2)

Barbarossa: AGN - 423 Orders (+1)

Great Battles of Alex Dlx. - 382 Orders (+7)

Diacochoi - 335 Orders (-1)

Cataphract - 307 Orders (+3)

Ukraine '43 - 296 Orders (-3)

Barbarossa: AGS - 282 Orders (-3)

Brandywine - 255 Orders (-2) 

This Accursed Civil War - 254 Orders (+1)

For the People - 224 Orders (+6)

Combat Commander BP#1 - 196 Orders (+21) 

Empire of the Sun - 190 Orders (+1)

Paths of Glory - 166 Orders (+22) 

Normandy '44 - 159 Orders (+9)

Conq. of Paradise w/ Mtd. Map - 126 Orders (+43) 

Successors - 114 Orders (-4)

No Retreat - 80 Orders (+34) 

Combat Commander Med  - 61 Orders (+13)  

SPQR Dlx.  - 57 Orders (+7) 

Ardennes '44 - 57 Orders (+13)
Combat Commander Europe  - 34 Orders (+12)  

1914: Twilight in the East  - 30 Orders (+4)

CC BattlePack #2 - Stalingrad - 27 Orders (+27) 

The Spanish Civil War  - 26 Orders (+9)

Panzer  - 19 Orders (+6)



Electronic Games Update


These are the games we've had progress on recently:


Dominant Species for iPad - We have signed contracts with the new development team. I am meeting with them later today to work through features, issues, and priorities for the new version. No certain timelines for you until after we have that established in house, but we're all committed to getting you a significantly upgraded new version as quickly as possible. 


Space Empires for iPad - We heard from the program team about a week ago, and it looks like we're very close to having a testable alpha version of the app. That's exciting - I LOVE Space Empires and can't wait to be able to play it on a tablet.


Twilight Struggle for Windows: The folks at Rivermyst software just released a version 0.95 to the test teams. We're still dealing with a few bugs, especially on the cards. Multi-player isn't implemented yet, so we're still not in the home stretch, but definitely making progress.



Mounted Map Orders


Here's an update on orders for the Mounted Maps we're looking to produce for several of our popular games. Remember, we need to get about 200 orders per title before we can print these maps profitably at these low P500 prices.  And we don't intend to print extras, unless the printers just happen to send us some "overs", so if you want to get one of these, please pre-order, as it won't be available from game stores or probably even from us except as a pre-order item.


If you'd like to order a mounted map for any of these games, you can click any of the links below and that will take you to the P500 order page for that item. Thanks for making your P500 orders soon so we can get these printed and out to you as soon as possible.


Here are the maps we are wanting to produce, along with order totals and a +/- tracking orders since last month:


Bomber Command  171 orders (+15)
(Note that this is a two-sided mounted map)


Mr. Madison's War  163 orders (+21)  

Stalin's War 159 orders (+1)


Saratoga 110 orders (+7)


Conquest of Paradise  108 orders (+13)
Pax Romana 81 orders (+5)



April 24-27, 2014 for Spring '14 GMT Weekend at the Warehouse 


Thanks to all of you who attended last weekend's GMT Weekend at the Warehouse! We had about 80 people participate, and played a bunch of games with old friends and new. A bunch of you at the Weekend wanted to know the dates of our next Weekend in the Spring, so mark your calendars for April 24-27, 2014!


To reserve your spot for the event, just call our office at 800-523-6111 or chat (from our website) with the office ladies and they'll sign you up. Registration is $25 for the weekend. (And you get FREE pizza on Saturday night!)


If you need a room for the event, the Sequoia Inn is about 1 1/2 miles from our office/warehouse and we have already blocked rooms for our customers for the event. If you'd like to stay there, please call and reserve hotel rooms as soon as possible, as space is limited. The rates are still $75.60/night for double or $71.70 for single.  Make sure you tell them you want the "Billingsley Group" rate. Hotel phone is 559-582-0339.




That's it for the news bytes for this time. Here's what you'll find in the rest of today's update:


- New P500 Additions!

- Details on our Fall Sale!

- Charge and Shipping Update

- Tentative Production Schedule for 2013 and early 2014

- New Game Files, Vassal/Cyberboard, & Sneak Peeks


Thanks, as always, for your support of GMT!


Enjoy the games!




New P500 Additions!


We have four new P500 games, plus a new issue of C3i Magazine, going up on the P500 list this time. 
Just click the banners below to go to each game's P500 page for more information and to pre-order. Enjoy!
New P500 Additions:  


Recent P500 Additions


Rising Glory: 209 Orders to Date
Eagle of Lille- 314 Orders to Date
 Hoplite- 735 Orders to Date
  Talon: - 331 Orders to Date
Fire in the Lake - 1,043 Orders to Date
Enemy Coast Ahead: The Dambuster Raid: 404 Orders to Date
This Month's P500 Focus: Games that have been on the list for a while - with 375-495 orders - that could use a push to get onto the printing schedule:
Thunder Alley: (472 Orders)  

Blue Cross, White Ensign: (493 Orders)  

Genesis: (437 Orders) 
Triumph & Tragedy: (414 Orders)  
Golan '73: (387 Orders)
2013 Fall Sale!!!!


Sale Duration: October 25 - Nov. 12, 2013 


Sale Details20% or 50% off on all IN-STOCK GMT (not UGG or Worthington or Hexasim) games:

  • All Customers 20% Discount: Everyone automatically qualifies for the 20% discount. Use Coupon Code Fall201320 when you check out from our website.
  • P500 Supporters 50% Discount: For every game that you received via P500 this year from the list below, you may buy ONE in-stock game at a 50% discount. And, because we're trying to help everyone get a little extra again this year, especially you guys who support us so well in the P500 program, you can add ONE MORE game at 50% as well. So if you received four games from the list below via P500 ordering this year, you could buy FIVE in-stock games at 50% off. The only limit here is how many games you received by P500 order in 2013. To get this discount, use the Fall201350 discount code when you check out instead of the 20% code). If you happen to be buying some games at 50% and others at 20%, please put them on separate orders so our online cart system doesn't go crazy on us! Thanks!


2013 Releases that Qualify You for the 50% off Special if you Ordered them via P500(Note that we are allowing you to count games that you have ordered via P500 that we plan to ship by the end of November of this year, as well. These count for ELIGIBILTY purposes, only - you can't use the special discount to buy games that are not yet shipping):


A Distant Plain
A World at War Reprint Edition 
C&C Ancients Exp 1 Reprint Edition
Combat Commander BP 5: Fall of the West
C&C Napoleonics: The Russian Army 
C&C Napoleonics, 2nd Printing
Cuba Libre
France '40
Iron & Oak
Navajo Wars
Rebel Raiders on the High Seas
Roads to Moscow
Sekigahara 2nd Printing
The Battle for Normandy Expansion
The Supreme Commander

(Plus any of these upcoming "up through November 2013 releases" for which you have a P500 order on file - or make one now)

The Dark Valley
No Retreat: The North African Front
C&C Napoleonics: The Austrian Army  

 1914: Offensive a Outrance
Blood & Roses
The Hunters
Unconditional Surrender  



Items you can buy with your discounts:
1. Any In-Stock GMT Game (everything we've shipped up through and including Navajo Wars and France '40, but not including any of our future P500 shipments)
2. You can also purchase Accessories as one of your "games" - mounted boards, card decks, counter trays, etc, if you just run out of games you want to get. 
Please remember that you absolutely CAN use the games on the Specials page as part of these 50% off orders if you wish, thereby creating HUGE discounts on some great games! And note that we have just added SEVEN new games/modules to the Specials page, including some VERY popular games. So check it out and get some great deals!
PLEASE!!!!!! Please help out our office ladies by using the correct discount codes. THANKS!
The "Tough Economy" Special Offer is Back!!
We've run these specials five times in the past few years, but we are STILL hearing from gamers who are out of work and we all know the economic environment for some is still pretty difficult. So, we are going to offer our tough economy special once again. Here are the details of the offer:

 If you have lost your job since November 1, 2012 and remain unemployed, if you will provide verification of such status to Tony ([email protected]) or the office folks by mail or phone or e-mail, we will send you TWO FREE IN-STOCK GAMES of your choice. Play them, Enjoy them, and know that we will keep this information private and wish you only the best for a quick recovery.


We hope you guys find this special helpful.
We're thankful to all of you who supported us with game purchases in 2013, and especially to those of you who pre-order our games. You guys are the ones who really make our pre-order system work for us and help keep us viable financially. So we just want to show our appreciation, as best we can, for your continuing support. As we've said many times, P500 is the engine that allows us to produce games - without it and your support we would not have survived to celebrate 23 years of producing games that you guys like! So thanks very much for your support - and we hope you enjoy these additional benefits of supporting our P500 program!
 We hope you all enjoy this Fall Sale, and that you find several games you like at these great prices!


Charging and Shipping Schedule


Shipping: In early-mid November, we'll ship the following two games:


The Dark Valley

No Retreat: The North African Front


Charging:   We're holding off on charging the late-November releases until the first week of November or so.
Tentative Production  Schedule


Unfortunately, we've experienced a few delays over the past month or so. These are not only affecting our ship dates on the October/November games, but also pushing a few previous December games into January 2014. We're sorry for the wait, guys. We're doing our best to hold charges until we know for sure that these shipments are on their way. Here's what our current Tentative Production Schedule looks like:


New Game Support Files, Vassal/Cyberboard, and Sneak Peeks
Here are new support files we've added to our website since our last update. Enjoy!


Game Support:
  • Added the Rulebook for Roads to Moscow.
  • Added Living Rules for Normandy '44.
  • Added the Spanish Rules and Playbook for Andean Abyss.





Your Friends at GMT Games
Toll Free Order and Support Line: 800-523-6111

E-mail: [email protected]