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Box Cover 101K
Thunderbolt / Apache Leader is an exciting solitaire game that challenges you to command teams of A-10 Thunderbolt tank-busters and AH-64 Apache attack helicopters on battlefields around the world.

You select the best mix of aircraft, weapons, tactics, and crew to suppress air defenses, neutralize tank columns, pound troop concentrations, and duel helicopter gunships.

Game Components

110 full-color two-sided cards.
300 full-color two-sided counters.
MAPS One 22x17" full-color Combat Display
  • One 10-sided die
  • 20-page Rule Book
  • Player Aid Cards: Sector Map, Pilot / Crew Experience Log, and Aircraft & Pilot Damage Chart

Game Features

  • Thunderbolt / Apache Leader is different every time you play. 17 Terrain Cards, 25 Target Cards, 15 Special Condition Cards and 14 Mission Event Cards combine to create hundreds of exciting missions in seven areas of the world.
  • In air-to-surface combat, you blast enemy targets with Mk82, Mk83 and Mk84 bombs, Maverick, Hellfires, and Rockeyes while a variety of defensive SAMs and AAA try to shoot you down.
  • Thunderbolt / Apache Leader includes AV-8B Harrier and AH-1 Cobras for air support.
  • Thunderbolt / Apache Leader is based on the popular Leader system used in Hornet Leader.
UNIT SCALE Single AH-64 Apaches and A-10 Thunderbolts
NUMBER OF PLAYERS One (two players can play as a team)
PLAYING TIME 15-25 minutes per mission. Campaign games vary from 45 minutes to 5 hours.

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