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Hornet Leader is an exciting solitaire game that challenges you to command a squadron of F/A-18 Hornet strike-fighters in an almost endless variety of combat missions. From the decks of U.S. Navy carriers you lead your squadron against 26 different target types, from naval strikes and fleet air defense to fighter sweeps and ground attacks.

As Squadron Commander, you must select the best team for each mission from the fifteen Naval or Marine aviators under your command (each of whom is rated for his own individuals skills and style). You must also decide how many of your F/A-18s will fly, the weapons each will carry, and how they will be used.

Once you're in the air, dozens of surprises can upset your carefully laid plain ... from munitions shortages and enemy early warning to targets-of-opportunity and Tomahawk strikes. You might get extra help from friendly F-14 Tomcats and F-117 Stealth Fighters, or you might have to scramble for survival when faulty intelligence sends you into an unexpected storm of enemy MiGs, SAMs and AAA.

Hornet Leader is easy to learn, fun to play, and very fast-paced. You can usually complete a mission in less than 25 minutes. If you command your squadron with skill and daring, you just might survive to become America's top Hornet Leader.

Game Components

110 full-color two-sided cards.
200 full-color two-sided counters.
MAPS One 22x17" full-color Combat Display
One 8.5x11" full-color Desert Storm Display
  • One 10-sided die
  • 16-page Rule Book
  • Rule Sheet for Hornet Leader Module 1: Operation Desert Storm
  • Player Aid Cards: Mission Log, Carrier Display, Pilot Experience Log

Game Features

  • Hornet Leader is different every time you play. 26 Target Cards, 33 Mission and Special Event Cards, and 15 Briefing Cards combine to create hundreds of exciting mission in nine areas of the world.
  • In air-to-surface combat, you blast enemy targets with Mk82 and Mk83 bombs, Mavericks, Harpoons, and HARMs while a variety of defensive SAMs and AAA try to shoot you down.
  • In air-to-air combat, armed with your M-61 cannon and Sparrow and Sidewinder missiles, you dogfight with enemy MiGs flown by pilots with varying skills and styles.
UNIT SCALE Single F/A-18 Hornets with pilots and weapons
NUMBER OF PLAYERS One (two players can play as a team)
PLAYING TIME 15-25 minutes per mission. Nine campaign games vary from 45 minutes to 5 hours.

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