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warrior SPQR Player's Guide
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The SPQR Player's Guide is the ultimate, authoritative source of answers and information about SPQR. Inside you will find:
  • A complete walkthrough of a sample game, with detailed maps.
  • Detailed examinations of the proper tactics you should try.
  • New SPQR scenarios, never before published anywhere.
  • Detailed analyses of each of the major armies of the time.
  • An SPQR and GBoH series index of reference articles.
  • An SPQR Battle Index with notes indicating play balance and levels.
  • And so much more!

Beautiful timeline and map of all the SPQR scenarios.

Complete, step-by-step play-through of an SPQR module.

Contents and Authors

SPQR Battles Plans David Fox The Battle of Zama, 202BC
David Fox The Battle of Cannae, 216BC
David Fox The Battle of Magnesia, 190BC
Salvatore Vasta The Battle of Cynoscephalae, 197BC

Reference Information Rodger B. MacGowan SPQR Map of Battles and Modules
Dave Townsend SPQR and GBoH Index of Articles
Dave Townsend and David Fox SPQR Chronological Battle Index

Proper Strategies and Tactics in SPQR James P. Werbaneth The Clash of Swords, the Thunder of Hooves
Carl Gruber Contrasts in Roman and Macedonian Tactics
Dave Townsend Moving On from SPQR in the GBoH Series

Analysis of the Major Armies in SPQR James Burton The Carthaginian Army in SPQR
David Fox The Roman Army in SPQR
Mike Reed Claiming Your Own Pyrrhic Victory

Battle Replays for SPQR David Fox The Bagradas Plains, 255BC
Dave Townsend The Learning Scenario

New Battle Scenarios for SPQR Salvatore Vasta The Battles of Lamia and Elis, 208BC
Dan Fournie The Second Battle of Beneventum, 214BC
Dan Fournie The Battle of Pydna, 168BC

Unit Types in SPQR Steve Bean and Boyd Schorzman Effective Use of Light Infantry and Skirmishers
James Burton Masinissa's Corner: Cavalry Tactics
Jack Polonka Elephants & Phalanxes
Rich Phares Rampaging Pachyderms!
Salvatore Vasta Command and Leadership

Background and History of the SPQR Game Rodger B. MacGowan Editor's Desk
Mark Herman The World According to Polybus
Richard Berg SPQR Designer's Notes

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