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eagle P500 Description for Deluxe Edition, Reprint Edition, and Scenario Pack


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We’ve listened to you guys who’ve asked us to consider offering many of the battles from the out of print SPQR modules along with the SPQR reprint. But we’ve also aware that some of you just want a reprint of the original game. So we’ve decide to offer three separate products to hopefully fit as many customer needs as possible, and let the P500 process decide what we print. We hope this approach will be helpful. Note that these items still have to pass the P500 order threshold, but we’ll print one, two, or all three that do.

Note:If you have an existing order for the straight reprint but want to change that to an order for the Deluxe version (and we hope the awesome pricing Tony managed to get for the Deluxe version will be a nice incentive to upgrade!), just drop us a note or put a note in the comments section of the website order page and we’ll make the change for you.

Below are the three SPQR products that we’re offering:

SPQR Deluxe Edition
P500 Price: $69
Retail Price: $99

14 Battles!
5 doublesided maps
6 counter sheets
Rules for SPQR and Modules

Battles (and the modules they appeared in originally):
•Beneventum, Bagradas, Cannae, Zama, and Cynocephalae (SPQR)
•Baecula, Ilipa (Africanus)
•Trebbia, Metaurus (Consul for Rome)
•Magnesia (War Elephant)
•Heraclea, Asculum (Pyrrhic Victory)
•Muthul River, Cirta (Jugurtha)

SPQR (Reprint of Original)
P500 Price: $45
Retail Price: $65

5 Battles
2 doublesided maps
3.5 counter sheets
Rules for SPQR
This is the item currently on the P500 list.

SPQR Deluxe Scenario Pack
P500 Price: $42
Retail Price: $60

(Ziplock- not a boxed game)
9 Battles:
•Baecula, Ilipa (Africanus)
•Trebbia, Metaurus (Consul for Rome)
•Magnesia (War Elephant)
•Heraclea, Asculum (Pyrrhic Victory)
•Muthul River, Cirta (Jugurtha)
3 doublesided maps
2.5 counter sheets
Rules for Deluxe Scenarios

Game Components

Game Features

  • FOURTEEN great battles studying the art of warfare in the Roman Republic
  • 1,680 Counters representing double legions, Macedonian-style phalanxes, Celtic swordsmen, and scores of historical leaders
  • 5 Double-sided Mapsheets covering fourteen great battles
  • The Great Battles of History game system used in Alexander is expanded for Line Commands, Elite Commanders, Cavalry Pursuit, and War Elephants
  • Extensive special rules for each battle
  • Extensive bibliography and historical notes
TIME SCALE 15-20 per turn
MAP SCALE 70 yards per hex
UNIT SCALE 300-1000 men per counter
PLAYING TIME 2-8 hours; most scenarios playable in one evening

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