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Great Battles of Alexander, Deluxe Edition Errata
July 10, 1995

Terrain: LP and LI do not pay any Cohesion Hit cost for moving down one level. Exception: Cardaces do.

(4.33) For Line purposes, LN are treated as a separate cavalry type, with their own Line. In addition, the Persians may treat Chariots as a Cavalry-type Line.

(4.55) Clarification: WC's may be used like OC's in 4.34[2].

(5.5) GAME BALANCING ADDITION: At the start of the Turn, roll the die. If the DR is an '8' or a '9', Alex does not get his Elite Turn. This is not used in the first game-turn.

(5.63) CHANGE: The cost to activate an MCC is one less than the number of units in that MCC's control, to a maximum of '3' (and a minimum of '1'). Thus, if Attalus is MCC for 2 Agrianian Javalinists, it cost Alex 1 CP to activate Attalus.

(5.64) CHANGE: The maximum is the number listed as his MCC Capability on his counter. (E.g., Alex can activate up to 2 MCC's per Phase, Parmenion 1.)

(5.65) CLARIFICATION: They are treated as Line Commands for the purpose of the sections listed. Exception: the flank-to-flank, front-to-rear limitation does not apply to Macedonian units.

(7.12) Exception: Skirmishers pay 1 MP to change facing regardless of the number of vertices changed.

(7.16) ADDITION: Reaction Facing Change: Any single-hex unit (not double-hex units) may change facing one vertex (per Phase) when an enemy unit moves adjacent to it. It may not do so if it is already in an enemy ZOC. After changing facing the unit rolls the die; adjust that DR by adding the difference between the MA of the moving unit and the MA of the stationary unit. (E.g., an '8' MA HC charging a '5' MA HI would result in a +3 DRM.) If the adjusted DR is higher than the defending unit's Cohesion, it Routs immediately. Exception: Cavalry changing facing in reaction to infantry movement do not have to DR.

(8.17) The 7-9 Missile Low for Javelins is correct; the chart is wrong.

(8.46) CLARIFICATION: If Darius flees, he is not killed for VP purposes.

(9.13 and 9.23) If an elephant or chariot fails to "dislodge" a second-row defender, it would still be placed behind those "second-row" units. Essentially, the elephant/chariot keeps on attacking each occupied row, until it passes through to an unoccupied rear hex.

(9.76) ADDITION: Cavalry may leave Charge formation

  • Voluntarily; this costs 2 MP
  • Involuntarily, after any Shock combat unit is automatically out of formation.

The Hydaspes Scenario. Left some stuff out; sorry. [This applies to all Indian units, regardless of what battle they appear in, except for Slippage, which applies only to the Hydaspes.]

  • Indian Archers and Javelinists are Missile Low on a DR of 7, 8, or 9.
  • Indian LC are automatically Missile Low the first time they fire.
  • Indian Archers may not Move and Fire in the same Turn.
  • When Indian Archers fire, HI or PH do not get a +1 DRM.
  • Indian Archer Slippage (mud caused it). For each firing unit, roll the die for the Slippage Number; subtract that from the actual Missile Fire DR for the adjusted, Slippage Missile Fire for the chart. thus a Slippage roll of '4' at one hex would produce a need to roll a 0-5 to get a hit (9-4 = 5). The archers had a great problem drawing their huge bows, which had to be anchored against the left foot instep, because of the mud.

The Craterus units may arrive in any turn starting with the 4th Turn (No. 1).