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Fields of Fire: "Keep Up the Fire!" The 9th US Infantry "Manchus"

Korea Missions and Order of Battle:

1. NKPA Offensive across Naktong River Line August 31st - September 2nd, 1950
2. TF Bradley Counter Attack September 3rd, 1950
3. Battle for Hill 201 September 16th - 19th , 1950

Arrived in Korea via Pusan on July 23, 1950 becoming the first unit to reach Korea directly from the United States. Initially deployed piecemeal, the entire division was committed to relieve the 24th Infantry Division at the Naktong River Line on August 24, 1950. The 9th RCT (Regimental Combat Team - a reinforced regiment), Colonel John G. Hill commanding, was responsible for the southern sector or left flank of the Division. 14+Km Frontage, Platoons on 500m Fronts, Companies on 4km fronts (very thin).

After the devastating North Korean attack the battered division was organized into two Task Forces. One, under the command of the Division Artillery Commander, Brigadier General Loyal M. Haynes, was responsible for the northern sector of the Division Zone. It consisted of the remaining elements of the 38th and 23rd Infantry (-3rd Bn), Co C of the 72d Tank Battalion, and supporting artillery. The second task force was commanded by Brigadier General Joseph S. Bradley, assistant division commander, and consisted of elements of the 9th Infantry (-3rd Bn), 72nd Tank Battalion ( - ), 2nd Engineer Combat Battalion, and supporting artillery. Task Force Bradley was responsible for the southern sector of the Division Zone.

After the situation was stabilized and 4,500 Korean replacements poured into the division the 9th RCT with Colonel Charles C. Sloane in command continued the attack to retake the lost ground. The RCT consisted of 9th Infantry (- 3rd Bn), Co B, 72nd Tank Bn (M26 Pershings), Battery D 82nd AAA Bn (Quad .50s) and 15th FA Bn.

Supported by 72nd Tank Bn, 15th and 38th FA Bns, and 82nd AAA Bn

The Regiment was organized as follows:

Colonel John G. Hill Commanding, relieved by Colonel Charles C. Sloane HHC, Svc Co, Tank Co (17 Tanks - M4A3E8)
1st Battalion
A (Able), B (Baker), C (Charlie) Rifle Companies
D (Dog) Heavy Weapons (9x57mm M18 Recoilless Rifles, 4x75mm M20 Recoilless Rifles, 4x.30cal HMGs, 8x.50cal HMGs, 4x81mm Mortars)
2nd Battalion
E (Easy), F (Fox), G (George)
H (How) Heavy Weapons
3rd Battalion (was detached during the Naktong Battles guarding the vital Pohangdong airstrip)
I (Item), K (King), L (Love)
M (Mike) Heavy Weapons

Your Company:
CO HQ, CO XO, CO 1stSGT , 2xRunners (5 Steps)
1st PLT HQ, 1 / 1st PLT, 2 / 1st PLT, 3 / 1st PLT , Weapons Squad / 1st PLT 2xLMG Teams, 2xBazooka Teams(14 Steps)
2nd PLT HQ, 1 / 2nd PLT, 2 / 2nd PLT, 3 / 2nd PLT Weapons Squad / 2nd PLT 2xLMG Teams, 2xBazooka Teams(14 Steps)
3rd PLT HQ, 1 / 3rd PLT, 2 / 3rd PLT, 3 / 3rd PLT Weapons Squad / 3rd PLT 2xLMG Teams, 2xBazooka Teams(14 Steps)
60mm Mortar Section (1 Section) (3 Steps)
Total Steps: 50

Basic Communications:
1 SCR300 Battalion Tactical Net
4 SCR536 Company Tactical Net
4 Field Phones + 8 Phone Lines
Pyrotechnics 1 each Red Star Parachute (RSP), Green Star Parachute (GSP), Red Star Cluster (RSC), Green Star Cluster (GSC).
2xWP Smoke, 2xHC Smoke, 2xColored Smoke, 8xHand Held Illum

Basic Load of Ammunition
4xMG per Gun, 3xRkt per Bazooka, 3xRR per Recoilless Rifle, 4xMtr for Mortar Section, 2xMtr Illum

Pyrotechnics and Ammunition are replenished between missions. A basic load of ammo is issued each mission and can be saved up between missions.

The battles along the Naktong River line stretched the limits of the "Manchus" as replacements were pulled from support units. When those ran out, replacements were KATUSA (Korean Augmentees To US Army) troops. South Korean soldiers, the first of 4,500, were incorporated into the Division during the first week of September to fill the depleted ranks. KATUSA replacements can never become Veterans (more a language barrier than ability, they had no lack of bravery).

After Mission 1 Replacements 5 steps US drawn from Support Units, Mission 2 - 9 steps of ROK troops (you only get replacements after completing the mission, not on re-attempts)

Taking Prisoners
If any Unpinned US good order unit, Assault Team or Fire Team is in a card and the only enemy units is a Paralyzed Team or Teams at the beginning of a turn, then those North Koreans surrender. Any one step with a printed VOF may guard any number of enemy prisoners and transport them (move and the prisoners move with you).

North Koreans do not take prisoners, they execute those captured.

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